1. R

    Wanted standard alloy

    Has anyone got a good standard 7.5 j 16 in 10 hole elegance alloy wheel A210 401 0602 with an et of 41 ?
  2. A

    Standard flip key - is a badge available for it?

    Wasn't sure if this is the right place for this post - seemed a better bet than General. Our W163 ML has the Flip type key with 3 buttons (lock, unlock & boot release). For those not familiar with them it looks like the one in this link (although that's only a 2 button one). Many Mercs in...
  3. MikeL

    HDMI info - using standard DVD

    Thought I'd let everyone know about a small experiment using HDMI cable. Using an AV Amp & PLasma equipped with HDMI sockets, and a cheap DVD player (and I mean cheap £20.00). Connected as follows. DVD to Amp using S-cable and Fibre Optic Cable Amp to TV using HDMI. (Amp capable of...
  4. G

    iPod in a Mar 2004 E-Class Estate with the standard (Audio 20?) single slot cd player

    Hi Folks As per the title of the above post, is this possible? My Merc dealer (Milton Keynes) seems to think the MB official kit will work (at £345 inc VAT fitted) but I'm unclear whether my car has MOST wiring or not. There's a cd changer input but from other threads it's not clear to me...
  5. X

    CLK wheels standard spec

    Can anyone tell me the standard spec for size of wheels for a 2000 CLK 320. Are they 205's all round or were 225's fitted as stanared to the rear? Handbook infers that 205's were fitted to front and 225's to rear.
  6. grober

    2003 CLK200 K standard rims

    I have a friend with a 2003 CLK200 kompressor. the tyre sizes on his standard rims are 205/55ZR16 front and 225/50ZR16 rear. He is thinking of putting 205/55VR16 WINTER TYRES on all round. I said that I thought that would be OK since rolling diameter differs only by 1mm. see...
  7. N

    Attaching a nokia standard dash mount?

    I had the bonus of being told I have a nokia car kit hidden away behind my dash today and although I knew the speaker and mic were in the car didn't realise the phone holder was all rigged up etc. Anyway cutting a long story short I have the mount and it looks like this...
  8. mickl

    standard spec on E55 (W210)

    does anyone have the standard spec list for an E55?
  9. R

    MY2001 CLK55 Standard Spec Questions

    MY2001 CLK55 Standard Spec I have recently purchased this car :D and together with the ususal manuals and warranty documents, I have found the original MB Sales Brochure for the CLK. In this brochure under the "standard spec" section of the CLK55 AMG, it lists rain sensing wipers and xenon...
  10. M

    insurance for 190e w/non standard engine?

    just wondering if there are any companies that will insure me if the car has been fitted with a 2.3l engine. it was originally a 2.0L. i tried Tesco and Elephant and they wont insure me. i need to get my car back on the road do need to find a company fastish. cheers
  11. Satch

    W211 Avantgarde "standard" alloys

    I am told these are the same as (or actually are, barring the centre star)Dezent Type W wheels. Certainly look the same. Can anyone confirm this?
  12. stwat

    Standard E55 eats highly tuned cobra for breakfast Sorry, cant get the link to work :(
  13. PaulW

    Economy or standard

    Being new to MB's I am not sure whether I should be driving in the standard or economy setting on the auto box can someone enlighten me please :D I normally use economy on the motorways.
  14. esprit200

    Standard C200 steels and hubcaps + part worn Dunlops

    From a 1999 t-reg c200 4x 15" C200 Steels 4x Standard Hubcaps 4x Part worn Dunlop sp sport 2000 £120 ono + collect or arrange courier Also spare tyre and rim completely unused for £100 + collect
  15. Bugblatter

    How much for a standard tyre? (W203)

    There's a nail in my rear offside tyre. How much can I expect to part with at the stealer's?
  16. J

    Bog standard 190

    Here she is. Rescued from Ebay and in need of some TLC. She's had new innards in the clutch master cylinder, new fluids all through and a bit of polish. Needs new exhaust, rear discs and steering damper. Could do with new plugs but I'm afraid to pull the plug caps. I've tried, half...
  17. R

    Formula One Anyone Know If The Safety Car Is Standard

    I tell this car was on the Merc stand and they were starting it up for people. What is it? And anyone know if it is in standard form because it sounds beautiful. Cheers Ian
  18. Aletank

    Quality of Standard Sound System

    I bought a new Stereo/CD Changer for my old car(A 98 Rover 400) About 2 years back costing £500 which consisted of a - Sony XR-C7200R Radio/Cassette   & Sony CDX-727 CD Changer(10 disk) In my Rover it was great sound, So when I purchased my 99(T) C200 Sport 2 weeks back I had the system...
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