1. tron

    Need some help with standard springs.

    Car: S202 C250TD. Elegance spec. Sitting a bit low after a lifetime of speedbumps, I expect. Problem: Owner is a soft old git who doesn't want lower springs. I have tried to find the correct spring from the VIN but the catalogues only list springs for the sportier chassis. I want comfort so I...
  2. A

    TYRES...Sprinter 316 MWB on standard steel rims. I want to know if anyone has any ide

    Sprinter 316 MWB on standard steel rims. Its a 2016 model.I want to know if anyone has any idea what is the biggest size tyres I could fit the rims that wont catch on the Van? I am going to go for off rd tyres so ideally a load rating would be good to know also. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  3. BIRMA

    Quaife LSD standard on a CL65?

    I've just discovered that my car has a Quaife limited slip differential fitted and despite looking through the standard spec can't find it as standard fitment anyone any ides if it was an extra.
  4. V

    R129 Stereo Amp location standard unit

    EDIT Found it - Under rear seat - Under the carpet !
  5. columb

    w212 220d BlueTec - Standard tyres

    Hello, What tyres should be fitted as standard onto W212 220d BlueTec (17" wheels)? I'm asking because currently I have 225/50/R17 but when I look online for new tyres by registration plate I seem to be getting different sizes as standard. This table...
  6. S

    C63 AMG standard exhaust, cats, resonator and straight pipe

    Folks I have some c63 exhaust parts for sale. 1) C63 rear boxes + straight pipes (resonator delete) - one piece 2) Secondary cats - standard - 55k miles 3) Resonator - standard - 55k miles I would like to sell the whole lot to ease my garage space. What it looked like on the car - bear in...
  7. Londonscottish

    Do 212 350 Sports Come with Xenons as standard?

    Yet another 212 spec question - going to look at a 2010 E350 Sport. IIRC leccie tailgate is standard. Anyone know if Xenons were also standard fit?
  8. P

    New E class estate-is the funky LCD dash standard?

    Had one as a hire car over the weekend, just wondered if the electronic dash board is standard or an extra? Was an Estate E Class
  9. W

    Euro 4 Emission standard

    I own a 1999 Mercedes SL (R129) which as at October will no longer meet the new required Emissions level in the City of London. The new T-charge. The Mayor has doubled the congestion charge for cars which do not meet the Euro 4 regulations. Is there a way to upgrade my car from Euro 3 to Euro 4...
  10. ToeKnee

    Standard or Super unleaded in a M273 engine?

    In my past V8's I've always used super unleaded and altered the timing to give better power. The handbook of my current '06 SL500 states to use 95RON unleaded and I wondered whether anyone uses the super unleaded in their M273 powered cars and whether they felt it made a difference or not?
  11. gr1nch

    Standard of Living - better 100+ years ago?

    Yes, I hear some of you thinking, but there was poverty then, slums, crap jobs,...but * for about 300 years from the late middle ages there was virtually no inflation. Prices for everyday items were very stable in comparison to the last 50 years. * Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian houses were...
  12. P

    Dab Radio as standard

    Can anyone tell me when DAB radios became standard in the SLK ? Or maybe they are always an optional extra? what models do get them as standard ? is there a Merc website that could tell me this information ? Thanks in advance
  13. merc85

    Standard Suspension links e55k w211

    Hi Just wondering if anyone has got any standard Height level suspension links for a w211 e55k they dont wont, as thinking about going back to standard height. If so pm with a price etc.
  14. M

    FS: C63 coupe standard rear boot spoiler

    As per the title I have the rear boot lip spoiler off my 2013 coupe - removed as I went carbon fibre. Obviously it is the genuine mercedes spoiler and not the cheapo fake off ebay. Perfect condition, needs new tape to afix to next car. £75 delivered Email me at username @
  15. M

    Mercedes w204/S204 Standard Shock and Springs

    For sale are my standard shocks and springs, fully working and doesn't come with the top plates. looking for £100 collected or £120 posted cheers, jon 07949924080
  16. P

    Penta standard wheel bolts and locking bolts.

    I would like to ask if anyone could answer two questions, please ? [1] What is the standard length, thread pitch, etc. for a normal W126 wheel bolt that is used for the Mexican Hat and Penta alloy wheels. I am trying to find a new set of bolts to replace the slightly grubby ones that are on my...
  17. B

    W210 Standard Equipment

    im looking for an E320 CDI Estate circa '00 - 02 does anyone know what the standard equipment is on the facelifted W210 Estate (ok S210 if your pedantic) - I did try the search facility but didn't have much luck
  18. T

    Approved Used Standard - Recent Purchase

    Hi All, My first post on the forum.. I recently purchased an Approved Used from Mercedes - a 2010 C180 CGI (Within the last two weeks). I'm very happy with the car however there were a few issues including the passenger central locking which is'nt working. They ofcourse are happy to fix...
  19. C

    Best C Class sound settings - standard stereo

    Hi all. Taking delivery of brand new S205 C300h premium on Monday. Really excited. I didn't bother going for premium plus as the extra £1500 on list didn't seem worth it. Reading subsequently across the Internet it seems the standard head unit/speakers aren't anything special - which...
  20. RickMM

    Genuine AMG remap for standard 457bhp C63 ?

    I’m thinking about getting the Eurocharged V5 remap from MSL soon, and it just got me wondering why it’s not possible to get an “OE” AMG remap that would do the same job? I believe the standard C63 is software restricted to prevent the throttle bodies from fully opening. Yet the same engine...
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