1. T

    W124 230TE suffering from fuel starvation?

    Hi, Having problems with my trusty old 230TE (1991), drives fine for the first 5 minutes or so then lacks power, doesn't want to build up speed no matter how much the accelerator is pressed (max speed - 10mph). I've contacted a few independent Merc specialists but they are not willing to...
  2. C

    ML 270 fuel starvation ??

    Still having problems ! and need advice, right- put £50 worth of fuel last night fuel gauge indicated 1/2 full, parked car at side of house went out this morning and engine started and then stopped - like no fuel - tried cranking the engine twice still no start sooo tipped in about 1 ltr of fuel...
  3. V

    Air/fuel starvation? Part throttle power loss E55 AMG

    Hi all, I've returned to AMG ownership after some years (sorry, I know there's no excuse!) and have got a 2001 W210 E55 AMG. It was running as smoothly as it should at first, if a little down on power. However, after a couple of weeks it started becoming jerky on mid throttle openings...
  4. V

    300TE possible fuel starvation.

    Hi all! Just got my W124 300TE running after a 3 year layup but have a couple of problems I'm a little stuck with, hope someone can point me in the right direction :). 1. First trip of about 70miles to the mot station (I've moved house but not car storage address) was fine, but after...
  5. C

    C250 fuel system symptoms... fuel starvation...

    Hi all, been having some annoying fuel delivery related symptoms with my newly aquired C250 TD Sport. When I picked it up it was running B100, and seeing as its had the common prep work needed to run bio/ wvo blends (new O-rings on the push-fit pipes, shut off valve and decent glow plugs, as...
  6. N

    Fuel fuel starvation 200m after fuel filter change

    W203 C220 CDI - changed fuel filter @ 70K miles - started on 2nd attempt - ran fine for ~ 200miles then stopped dead and will not restart!; viewing clear fuel pipe from filter to lift pump shows only a sporadic dribble on cranking (everything fine before filter change) Anyone any advice please?
  7. EDZ649

    W116 450 SEL Fuel Starvation Problem

    I seem to have a fuel starvation issue on the W116. The car will start no problem, in fact it fires up first time. The cold start system seems to work fine and after a while the revs drop down to normal idle speed, albeit a very lump idle. If I press the throttle the engine dies immediately...
  8. H

    300 diesel fuel starvation

    My W124 300D is driving me nuts. Will run fine for a short time and then loses power and cuts out. A real pain to start again. Acts like no fuel but has plenty and good pressure up to the pump. Any help would be great :confused: ]
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