1. A

    steamy windows but just can't find any damp

    I've just about ran out of ideas so looking for help folks. Whenever the car has been used and got warm inside the windows steam up once parked again. Tonight for example the wife came home from work, parked up for about 2 hours, when we went back out all the windows were steamed up. I've...
  2. baxlin

    Another steamy tale...........

    Car is 2013 W204 C220, and the windscreen takes an age to demist in the morning, as bad as any car I've previously owned. I use the "max demist" button, and, as stated on other threads (yes, I have searched!!) this seems to turn the rest of the AC off - not a problem, if it would only demist...
  3. I

    Steamed up windscreen and windows. Air con drain?? Door seals??

    I have a 2001 C180 Coupe (w203 I believe) When I leave my car for a few hours in the cold with all windows closed etc, the front windscreen gets extremely steamed up and foggy. Its impossible to see out of unless I wipe with a towel. When I have been driving for a while the de-mister keeps...
  4. alan1304

    Steamy Bonnet

    Hi everyone. Just received my MB Club windscreen sticker so I'm officially a member now.:bannana: Just a quick question. As a lot of you will know, I have a W202 C180 Esprit and I have noticed that when it rains I get a lot of steam coming off the bonnet. Is this a normal phenomena? The car...
  5. M

    Steamy Windows Air Con inop W211 E270

    I know its hardly the weather to be worrying about it, but I like to have everything working as it should in my cars. I had the aircon gassed yesterday, adding the correct gas weight. The compressor is the type that has no seperate clutch and runs constantly. But It doesnt seem to be gettoing...
  6. sam-orr

    C200 W202 steamy windows?

    Hello again, Does anyone else have a C200 W202 that when you put the heater on in the car the windscreen mists up? Mine has done it the whole time I have had the car and has recently had a new screen put on and still does it.
  7. mariuss

    steamy windows

    Everytime I have my car washed or it's raining my windows get steamy when I use the heating. I need to use the air con to get rid of the steam. Does anyone know what's causing the steam and what is the solution to this problem. :(
  8. C

    Steamy Windows

    This morning when i got into my car there was a LOT of condensation n the inside of the front windscreen. So heavy infact no amount of hot air blowing on it was going to shift it. It seemed to be concentrated in the centre of the screen so im wondering, does the heating vent in the centre of the...
  9. Ratz

    Steamy windows

    Forgive me if this is the wrong area to post in, it's a question about ventilation. I have a 2002 E270 CDI which in the lightest of rainfall steams up inside. Obviously I can switch on the AC and clear within a couple of mins, but I don't like to just run AC all the time for reasons of economy...
  10. D

    W211 Headlight cover steamy?

    Hi all, I have a w211 E-class, gave it a nice wash and dry in the morning. Just came back from a ride now, and noticed that the headlight and sidelight cover on the drivers side are steamed up from inside. It was perfect it the morning, never been like this before and im not sure if this is a...
  11. F

    Steamy Windows solution

    Hey all Winter here... and steamy windows here. Anyone know of a good solution to stop windows misting up? I remember seeing one of these window sprays which would help reduce windows misting up.... Anyone able to recommend something? Thanks Fais
  12. rizal2510

    Steamy front bonnet!

    I'm just wondering if anybody has the same experience as W202 does not have a full bonnet insulation, maybe have been taken out by the previous owner and on my list of to do. If the car has been in light rain/shower, upon drying up there's some sort like steam/mist/vapour coming from...
  13. Jukie

    Steamy windows?

    I've got a '96 E320 with leather and aircon. I have never had a car before where the windows have steamed up so much and so readily (no funny comments, please!!!) when the fan is turned on. Anyone else had this problem? Anyone got any ideas? Thanks.
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