1. G

    Glc side steps

    Looking for a pair of GLC side steps if anyone has some for sale. Thank you
  2. A

    Just bought 2007 SL55 - first steps

    Good morning. I'm new to Merc ownership and want to keep my SL55 well maintained. It has 40k on it and a full MBSH which I will keep up. If possible I want to head off any common problems before they occur. As far as I'm aware, all is currently good with the ABC and water does not get into...
  3. V

    Vito side steps

    Hi, I've recently purchased a 2008 Vito 115 Sport which has the chrome side steps and I was wondering if anyone knows if you can purchase the end caps seperately as the ones on my vehicle are looking shabby. Cheers!
  4. M

    w163 side steps

    Does anyone have any side steps or front bull bar for sale....if so could you get in touch please. thanks Mat
  5. T

    W164 (2008) ML side steps

    Hiya, seen a few posts here about people looking to fit side steps to their ML's. I have just ordered a set from Direct 4x4 OE spec. Just wondering those who have fitted steps whether they had any problems, or have any comments to pass to make the job easier? Mine are being done at a...
  6. big_amg

    W163 ML Side steps

    As title, I'd like the chrome ones that have plastic inserts (grippy things) in them. Looking for a BARGAIN so anyone that hates them etc. Also as close to London as possible but willing to travel if it's a super BARGAIN. Thanks Sid
  7. VTurbo

    Wanted Bull Bar or Side Steps ML 163

    Wanted Bull Bar or Side Steps ML 163
  8. VTurbo

    Wanted Bull Bar or Side Steps ML 163

    Wanted Bull Bar and side steps, good money waiting :thumb: Its for a ML 1999!
  9. B

    help with mercedes ml 270 side steps

    Hi i am new to this forum, i have just purchased my first Mercedes, used ml 270 cdi 2002 facelift model, i would like to fit the running boards with black rubber dots on, but on all the searches i have done i cannot find these fitted on a a 2002 .The only ones i have seen are the tubular, which...
  10. partsspecialist

    ML 163 Side steps

    Now on ebay real bargain 3907.m32&_trkparms=tab%3DSelling
  11. M

    ML Bull Bars & Side Steps

    Wanted ML Bull Bars and/or Side Steps. Contact Mshamma 07983949422
  12. darrenwise

    ML AMG Side Steps?????????

    Hi Can anyboby please tell me if any side steps/running boards will fit a 270 Cdi with a factory AMG Upgrade Kit on. Ihave been told yes, no and maybe, Regards Darren Wise
  13. grober

    Todt steps down as Ferrari boss

    Hot off the press! Still I guess its better than "sleeping with the fishes".:rolleyes:
  14. 230K

    ML Bull Bars & Side Steps

    Wanted ML Bull Bars & Side Steps. Contact Sean 07710890588
  15. sym

    Four Steps to Steering Wheel Heaven .....

    1) Take one rather dull leather wheel, with plan airbag cover .... 2) Get bored after a couple of months and replace airbag with chrome star version .... 3) Hunt around for nice walnut wheel to match car interior . . . nothing available at reasonable cost . . . so buy Birds Eye...
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