1. Satch

    Christmas gift from a stranger

    Who left the car park without wishing to be thanked. From the expanse of broken lens plastic and glass left behind pretty clear that damage to their vehicle was substantial. Behind the user friendly plastic bumper on a Land Cruiser lurks a BFO transverse steel girder arrangement which is...
  2. Satch

    Even Stranger.....

    Car-lover buried under one-ton granite carving of a BMW Why? Car-lover buried under one-ton granite carving ... of a BMW | Mail Online
  3. Gucci

    Straightening stranger's bonnet stars

    Somebody along our road has a W203 with the bonnet poking over their driveway. Obviously too much temptation for "an idiot" to twist their bonnet star. I feel compelled to straighten it...but what if it were damaged and I bust it off!?! An E-Class pulled up at the lights with a bent over...
  4. Godot

    One of the stranger Lawsuits :D:D:D
  5. mercmanuk

    inheritance from a stranger

    A good friend of mine had some news yesterday,his wife had an uncle she had never met,he lived in southern ireland ,as she was the only niece he left his estate to her in his will.bearing in mind she never met him a farm worth £1.2 million,20 houses that are rented all paid for,£950k cash...
  6. marc777

    Stranger taking photos of the cars ????

    On Saturday my neighbour watched a guy in his early 20's pull up in a grey Escort Van and take photos of their cars, and then over the road to photograph our cars. Took pictures from front or back (not side) - and the one thing we all have in common is cherished plates. We live on a very quiet...
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