1. T

    Cerwin Vega Subwoofers

    Hi Guys selling a pair of Cerwin Vega CVA 118 Active Subs ( 700w/ 1400w Peak). Overall good, but slight transportation marks. looking for £800 for the pair, may split. Pick up only due to weight ( SE London). See manufacturers site for specs CVA-118 CERWIN VEGA ACTIVE SERIES SPEAKERS...
  2. stevesey

    202 parcel shelf sub-woofers how are they wired?

    Anyone know how the parcel shelf sub woofers are wired in a 202? They are the standard fit items and as the head unit only has the standard 4 outputs I'm assuming they are passive and wired in parallel with the rear door speakers (and have their own crossover). Reason for asking - was I...
  3. Carrotchomper


    Can you tell I've been off the forum for a fortnight? All these random thoughts with no outlet! When I got home today and turned my amp/home cinema system (Separates, with mahooosive speakers) back on the powered Celestion 100W subwoofer had developed a bit of a "Random buzzing" fault, so I...
  4. Kompressor_Dude

    Open-air Subwoofers?

    I'm looking for a new car sub. Currently i've got a boxes 12" sony xplod. it's started rattling and so its time for a new one. I really dont like having the box in the boot as it weighs a ton :( is there any way of getting a sub that doesnt need an enclosure? Was thinking of having it either...
  5. M

    sony subwoofers and amplifier

    hi everyone here we have two sony subwoofers and a matching sony amplifier i havent got the exact model numbers for these items but they are well known but what i know is the subwoofers are 1200watts each (350 rms) and that the amp is 1000 watt so might be better with another amp anyways...
  6. jasohal

    Flat subwoofers ?

    Has anyone heard these ? Clarion srv303, panasonic do one too, active subs which are about the size of a yellow pages and are meant to provide 'bass fill' not earth shattering bass to a car stereo ? Just wondering if they make that much of a difference and how much bang for buck can I...
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