1. Headhurts

    Supagard 100 Plus

    My car was purchased from new (2016 E350) and I opted not to have the paint sealant as I am pretty good at looking after my cars. I quite quickly applied AG HD Wax and have also used FK101 along with Angel Wax QD detailer. Sunday morning my neighbour who is a car salesman gave me a...
  2. F


    Hi all What's people's thoughts on supagard?? In the box you get wheel protector (spray) Interior gard (spray) X2 sachets of polish.. Would this be with £15 ??
  3. S

    Supagard velet kit

    Having a clear out of the garage and am selling this virtually unused Supagard valet kit which was supplied with the car when it was new. Kit comprises of: Alloy wheel cleaner (used a little, but most remains) Tyre and trim dressing (never used) Alloy wheel protection spray (never used)...
  4. matty.13

    supagard products

    hi ive been given a supagard car cleaning kit , just woundering if ther products are any good before i use them it came with the following products; -alloy wheel cleaner -alloy wheel protector -acid rain neutralising shampoo -paint seal cream -upholstery cleaner if you have used any of these...
  5. J

    Supagard advice

    Hi all. I have a CLK in Obsidian Black and am struggling a bit with the paintwork. Having read previous threads I have now bought some Supagard from a certain online auction site but would be grateful for some advice... Having washed the car should I apply it straight away or do I need to...
  6. mercmanuk

    Diamondbrite And Supagard

    There seems to be a few people interested in the paintwork treatments diamondbrite and supagard.They are basically the same ,the diamondbrite is a two coat application,the supagard is a one coat treatment. Thesecan be read about on the or the...
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