1. Ray1888

    Superchips remap on my CLA 45

    Got a remap yesterday,from the guys at Falkland Performance,had about 6 cars done by the lads,and again no complaints,the car pulls so strongly from 3rd gear onwards,got to keep 1 eye on your speedo!!! Will take it for a good run at the weekend and see what's what
  2. Ray1888

    For sale Bluefin Superchips hand held tuner

    I have a Bluefin Obd port hand held Tuner,you phone Superchips and they will reprogram it For your specific model for approx £200 You can put your map on and off as you like and it takes about 5 minutes to install or uninstall,it's a great bit of kit Want £75 for the bluefin Ono Feel free to...
  3. L

    Superchips Remap On C320 224HP Turbo Whine or whislte?

    Hi Guys, I was wondering if you could tell me if this is normal I recently got my car remapped by Superchips afterwards the car felt much more responsive and I did notice a big difference. I have noticed that there does seem to whislte or that the turbo is spooling louder like the car is...
  4. BIG CAT

    New Member : Can't decide on DTUK or Superchips

    Hi All, firstly I am new to the forum and to Mercedes. I've been an Audi man having owned 4 of them as my last 4 cars (TT 225, TTS, S4 (still own) & A8 4.2 V8) I've just changed my A8 for a 59 plate MB E320 CDI BlueEfficiency Sport with 28k on clock, bought as an approved MB from MB dealer...
  5. adamalmogia

    Superchips mpg!!!??

    So I have recently purchased a 2000 c class 220cdi (w202 I think ). Has anyone fitted a plug & play chip that apparently takes it from 125bhp to 150 and torque increase from 300nm to 360nm and also a 15% increase in fuel economy??? Reckon their jargon!!? I don't expect hp increases to be that...
  6. Chalpkin

    W203 320 petrol Superchips remap

    Hi All, I've just had my C320 petrol remapped, wow what a difference, I've had turbo cars remapped in the past so I know they make a difference but this is the first time for one of my non-turbo cars so I wasn't expecting to much, but to my surprise the car feels totally different, much more...
  7. Mactech


    I have had good experience in the past with the tuning of diesel road cars using add-on tuning modules and a degree of success running the fastest diesel on earth. (It’s a JCB!) On the road, my interest is really stimulated by the constant improvement in diesel refinement and reduction in fuel...
  8. W

    Superchips, Powerchips or equivalent

    Has anybody got any experience of an aftermarket ECU chip and are there any that can be recommended for a C43
  9. WLeg

    250 TD - Superchips

    anyone got any horror stories before I get this done this weekend ? - Apparently they offer a 30HP gain, no downside ?
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