1. Mr Fixit

    E350 estate and /or swop for E55 saloon

    I'm investing in a brewery and need an estate so looking for one if there's a sensible deal around, ideally with my 2005 E55 (also for sale but no rush) Mines has 94K miles Full MOT, inspected by MB Waterhouse post purchase in April full history and a Brabus steering wheel plus the usual toys...
  2. The Boss

    w205 19" alloy wheel swop anyone for 18" alloys

    hello so have just purchased a new w205 amg c200 saloon however, it will arrive with the 19" amg alloy upgrade (it was pre specified) i want the car to have 18" amg alloys. anyone willing to consider a straight swop for the alloys from their w205? mine will be brand new - car...
  3. Dave Richardson

    Successful interior swop part 2

    As a follow up to my previous post pic of before & after
  4. optimusprime

    Speedo swop.

    Hi lads just had this Mercedes given to me on my Birthday for free. It wants a few jobs doing to bring it back to it best .It is a one owner W124 C class 2.6 1989 .Shame realy its been used but not abused ,like not been kept nice and clean. Gutters were thick with crud had trouble removing it...
  5. Billy albert

    C32 rear bumper swop for brabus

    Hi would any one up for swopping a genuine rear brabus bumper for a c32 one in silver as I want to do a c55 exhaust conversion and would be silly to cut up a brabus bumper
  6. ET4

    W203 head unit swop for 'new style' unit?

    The head unit in my W203 is the pre 2004 version (audio 30 I think?) single din. Would I be able to fit one of the 'new style post 2004' double din units into the existing hole?
  7. amg 500

    engine swop

    need info on a engine swop..being a 560 into a 500 sel ?
  8. The _Don

    Swop for my c63 amg

    Hi all just had a call from the owner of this Auto Trader UK - BENTLEY Continental GT 6.0 W12 he wants to swop for my 59reg c63 thoughts/opinions please,personally i do not like the kit ........
  9. arkamelis

    swop alloys with me

    thought i would try this anyway, i would love some 18" amg II alloys for my w210 e320, i have standard alloys on my car at the mo and looking for a cheaper way of getting the wheels i would like, i would be up for paying some cash on top if you was to trade in my standard wheels. a long shot...
  10. L

    W208 climate contol swop

    Hi all has anybody swopped the normal he\ter/air con for auto climate control on a CLK W208 and if so what kind of job is it and what needs to be changed apart from the control panels. Thanks, Lockking
  11. SSBB

    Should I swop C220 for E300?

    Ive only had three Mercedes, E300TD saloon, C250TD Estate, and now a C220CDI estate. I sold the first two following bad experiences with rust,and vowed never to buy another Merc:( now here I am driving another one:) Trouble is, although Im fairly confident it wont turn brown and fall apart, It...
  12. popuptoaster

    W114 electric window swop

    Does anyone know if the electric window mechanism can be swopped from a W123 coupe into a W114? maybe just the motors?
  13. grober

    Engine swop from behind the "curtain"

    Thats the IRON CURTAIN. Nice write up with pics on how to swop a fiat twin cam engine into a LADA 2101---- Nary an ECU in sight. Ah the good old days!;) http://zsiguli.hu/index.php?action=cikk&id=289
  14. S

    W202 Leather interior swop for cloth ???

    hi all I have a 1996 W202 C280 Elegance, I want to swop the Leather seats (Beige) and door cards for cloth ,No rips , just a bit grubby from the pig who owned it before me . Swop to preferebly black. Front seats are electric so would need to keep the subframes, Anyone want to do this? Simon
  15. belly20034

    W124 Engine Swop

    W124 Engine Swap Does anyone know what would be involved in replacing the engine in my 1986 260E W124 with a 3.2 24valve DOHC. Would I need the gearbox,wiring loom,ECU,prop,diff ect? The engine I have in it at the moment is a 3.0 6cyl SOHC from a J-reg 300E, nowt wrong with it, just looks...
  16. I

    190E ariel swop problem

    Hi I need to replace the ariel on my 190E which is mounted on the rear wing with access through the boot on the left hand side. The problem is, inside of the boot (on the left hand side) there is a great big piece of plastic trim in the way and I am not sure how to remove it, to get to the...
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