1. chilsta

    Mercedes Benz Mixed Tapes

    I see this has been mentioned before, but not for a few years now and I thought there may be new people here who'd appreciate it. Every 8 weeks Mercedes release a free mixtape (well, a zip file containing MP3s) of what is usually some really rather good music by new artists. It's a refreshing...
  2. D

    Old VHS tapes

    The time has come to dispose of around 500 pre-recorded old tapes - all in original boxes. Mainly thrillers, scifi, period drama, kids stuff, and some without guns and bullets (watchable when the wife is sitting next to you). Thing is... They are obsolete and have no real value that I can...
  3. Baron_Samedi

    Rim Tapes

    Just saw these on the bay :doh: Are they functional or pure decoration for chav-mobiles?
  4. gklau

    Mercedes Mix Tapes

    Hey guys, Free music from Mercedes Benz! Quote: Discover something new again and again with Mixed Tape: musical variety in MP3 format. Exclusive pieces from new international artists available as free download compilations every six to eight weeks...
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