1. stwat

    Sudden aversion to the taste of eggs

    Why have I suddenly become averse to the taste of eggs? All I can now taste is a strong taste of sulphur. It's horrible and so strong. I used to love eggs, boiled fried egg mayonnaise etc etc. But all of a sudden all I taste is the bitter taste of sulphur. A horrible bitter taste. But why?
  2. Mrhanky

    E55K in a sorry state - call the taste police

  3. WDB124066

    The Elephant has taste...

    Elephant in heat tries to mount car in Thailand | Stuff.co.nz
  4. BenzedUP

    Shes got taste

    In cars.... http://uniladmag.com/articles/russian-divas-diamond-covered-mercedes-outdoes-arab-playboys/ Haha, proper girlie thing to do! :D
  5. C

    Money buys you taste?

    Oh dear, not for me I'm afraid. http://www.standard.co.uk/news/london/gold-range-rover-dazzles-londoners-as-it-parks-up-in-knightsbridge-9646735.html
  6. wongl

    My first taste of investing in a start-up

    Here is a recent post of mine on LinkedIn about my first taste of investing in a start-up. https://www.linkedin.com/today/post/article/20140730202101-1316093-my-first-taste-of-investing-in-a-start-up?trk=mp-reader-card Now looking to lease a van for the business and wondering if a main...
  7. smillion

    Wow, that's not my taste ... American style E320 OMG !!!!

    I just could not resist drawing this everyone's attention. It has to be seen to be believed ...... It's unusual and not to my taste .. Please take the time to have a peek ;) AMERICAN STYLE MERCEDES E320 AUTO BLACK | eBay
  8. M

    Bad taste takes on a new meaning!

    Not a Merc ( thankfully ) but this takes the biscuit. !!!! 1996 MITSUOKA VIEWT Grey, Auto 1.0, Jaguar style with 'walnut' dash | eBay
  9. michaelk3289

    probably not to everyones taste

    im not too sure about this, i think it looks quiet cool, almost like a german touring car opinions please Mercedes CL wide body kit with full car respray and fitting service | eBay
  10. Tiff

    Daughter with expensive taste...

    Just back from my yearly blast round Northern Europe, and thought I'd post this pic of my daughter in Berlin, who normally has no interest in cars whatsoever... She did, however, stop and stare at this one... and ask the price! Also spotted this in Gent, looked like it had been put there...
  11. T

    My Car (Not To Everyones Taste) :D

    Nice civilsed c class v reg :D sits like this on hydraulic suspension :D oponions good or bad :thumb:
  12. Howard

    Taste bypass Cat D S55

    :dk: 2005 WHITE MERCEDES S55KL AMG LIMOUSINE A IMMACULATE | eBay UK Might look a bit more presentable with a set of period AMG's on it , but not those split spoke ones.
  13. M

    Pope's got taste!

    Pope's Mercedes 600 Limousine Comes to the U.S.
  14. tpwuk

    Band Taste ML Interior

    2002 02 Mercedes-Benz ML 320 ELEGANCE LPG 7 SEAT silver on eBay (end time 15-Dec-10 21:06:58 GMT) :eek:
  15. M

    pimp my van taste fully

    just bought a vito and needs some body work and was also going to pimp it up a bit does any body know were i would get some different bumpers mirrors and poss grill just to make a slight change i am going to colour code this van????:cool:
  16. M


    In another thread....
  17. M

    Who said Kylie doesn't have taste??

    Look at the car she used to drive...an MB :-) Kylie Minogue's Mercedes to be Auctioned for Charity
  18. Bobby Dazzler

    Fine taste in cars

    I noticed that a neighbour had all of his cars out this evening, and it got me thinking that he really has some fantastic cars. Now does he have fine taste in all things automotive, or is he a sucker for what motoring journalists write? Either way he has a fleet of cars that are current...
  19. Silver CL55

    Anyones taste?

    Mercedes-Benz mit DZ Felgen ..::dz-exklusiv::.. Video - dzexklusiv - MyVideo http://www.cmc-automotive.de/de/popup.php?img=images/galerie/pics/8/mercedes-600011.jpg&PHPKITSID=7bf89ab7c6e79d2247bd5bed4d6a0c15
  20. JumboBeef

    Lots of money, no taste

    What can I say? Touch of class? Footballer buys Wag girlfriend £264,000 pimped up Bentley | Mail Online :eek:
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