1. trapperjohn

    TFT Computer Screen. Which one?

    About time I joined this Millennium as regards computer screens. So, looking for a decent 17 incher but would want one which draws a low current. What does the team think please?
  2. BenzedUP

    Samsung SyncMaster 226BW - 22" - widescreen TFT active matrix LCD display

    Hi, I have a Samsung SyncMaster 226BW - 22" - widescreen TFT a SyncMaster - active matrix LCD display. It's only 2 months old and is in perfect condition, can be said new. Only reason I'm getting rid of it is a brand new MAC has arrived, no need for windows anymore!:D I bought it for...
  3. mercmanuk

    Hanns-g hw173 17" tft lcd computer monitor

    HANNS-G HW173 17" TFT LCD COMPUTER MONITOR 1800:1 used for about half dozen times still has plastic screen protector on origional box,manual,power lead,vga cable very good quality screen wxga-1440*900 resolution 16:10 wide screen fast response time wide angle view vga vesa mount...
  4. A

    Compaq Pressario 5500UK desktop with 15" TFT monitor

    AMD Athlon 3000+ (2.17GHZ) Processor 512MB DDR RAM 120GB Hard Drive ATI Radeon 9200 128MB GFX Card DVD R/RW Genuine Windows XP Home Edition licence (on restore partition of drive) Windows XP SP3 and all security update Wireless card installed (driver CD included) Compaq 15" LCD monitor...
  5. D

    Dell 19" TFT Monitor

    Tesco are reducing their stocks from £139 to £119. I tried to buy one from Ipswich Extra store but hey no, £139 please. I went back home and bought one from Tesco Direct and paid £119 and will collect it from Tesco Stowmarket this Friday instead. Hey, why can't I collect it at Ipswich Extra...
  6. L

    TFT Monitors

    Can anyone tell me if there is much difference between the various makes of monitors? Is there one which is better value than others? I have been looking at a 19" Samsung. In fact I was about to buy it from PC World Business until I read their terms - they exempt themselves from the Sale of...
  7. GrahamC230K

    Height adjustable 19" TFT

    Guys, I am trying to find a 19" TFT monitor, for home use. Spec must be average, not worried about speakers, must be black, must be height adjustable. Not worried about brand, price as low as possible! All the comparisons I find on sites rarely mention if it's height adjustable - I want...
  8. B

    17" tft multimedia monitor

    Brand new boxed. Excess unit not required! £150 + delivery :)
  9. KillerHERTZ

    TFT buying advice

    I have £200ish to spend on a screen, it needs to be at least "17 and have a response time of 16ms. These dont have DVI imputs and I have a Radeon 9800pro card, but for this price I dont seem to get them. Will 16ms be ok for games eg DOOM3? This seems good...
  10. A

    Vertical coloured lines on TFT

    Hi, Occasionally, my TFT monitor which is in the my car develops thin vertical coloured lines. What would cause this? The screen is attached to the ceiling for rear passengers. tx Amolak V220
  11. sym

    TFT Recommendations ?

    Looking for a budget priced (<£300) / decent quality (yes, I know - I want it all !!) 19" TFT. Quite a few on that seem good value. Anybody else bought one recently / have any recommendations / contacts / advice ? S.
  12. McGreggor

    W202 tft screen in dash?

    I came across a picture of someones w202 that had a lcd screen just infront of the ashtray :cool: and cubbyhole, perhaps in place of them I'm not sure. I'd just like to know which screen your using that fits in there nicely, and was it much of a mare to run cables undercarpets to the boot etc.?
  13. Flyer

    In-car TFT for PS2

    Hi Guys Anyone know the best/cheapest place to buy a TFT (7") screen for a PS2 from? Eventually, I want to hook up a PS2 to Comand, but for now just want a screen for the back ... and a headrest mount ... and a power inverter :rolleyes: . I've found this one, at £170: which has this...
  14. D

    TFT LCD Monitors for your car

    We have some new screens that are excepsional quality. Fusion 5.6&quot; headrest screen, all controls such as: contrast, brightness, selection. You can use playstation, dvd, navigation etc. They retail for £299-99 MB Club users £259-99 call Dom on 0208 882 2040 or visit the website...
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