1. B

    W124 estate model range & timeline

    I've updated my W124 estate UK Model Range page to include the W124 estate Timeline I've been working on. The Model Range description has undergone a lot of revision and this will probably continue All corrections & comments very welcome! http://www.w124.co.uk/modelrange.html Nick...
  2. B

    W124 timeline - please check for accuracy

    I've been working on a graphical W124 estate timeline. I'll enlarge it to cover coupes, saloons and cabriolets at some point in the future I'm looking for comments and for an accuracy check: http://www.w124.co.uk/timeline.html When complete & accurate the timeline will move from this...
  3. guydewdney

    nice timeline guide to models

    with my propensity for dodgy russian sites:- http://mercedes.pp.ru/mgeng.shtml work safe...
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