1. Godot

    Absent Friends, a Toast

    “Absent Friends!” HoXcMUiK_5o “Absent Friends!” There are brought to mind again The scent of the buddah-bush after the rain; The dawn in the eastward, the death of the stars, The wet grass that reaches the cold stirrup bars; The beat of the horse-hoofs that waken the day; The jest and...
  2. C

    Scarappage Scheme - The Merc could be toast..

    The Mrs has been hankering after a change of car and as the Zafira is nearly 7 years old, I reckon she's paid her dues putting up with it for so long!. She fancies one of them new Fiat 500's, as she does'nt need so much space now the Lad rides to school on his bike and she only has the daughter...
  3. WLeg

    toast for sale @ $16000.00
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