1. ringway

    What the River Told Me. Thames Water Radio.

    A super radio documentary by the Cathy Fitzgerald. I think her productions are brilliant and she is ultra-gifted in her field. LINK. Radio waves are usually picked up using a metal aerial and then converted to an electric signal which is played through speakers. Thames Water Radio uses a jet...
  2. P

    Fault command unit? Been told it's a fault with the car?

    Hello all. My Command unit of my 'facelift' W215 CL55 has turned faulty. Radio still works. Navigation, telephone, night mode and ignition switch off no longer work. I sent the command unit off to Maple Audio who have a good reputation with vehicle command units and they've told me that they...
  3. S

    Stuck CD: Told "no CD"

    Hi 2003 W215 CL600 Whilst swapping from radio to CD using the linguaphone switch, the CD froze on a track. Had a look this morning and am told "there is no CD". I've tried to eject the CD cartridge but it won't budge. Is this a take out CD changer situation or, with our wonderful...
  4. JohnEclass

    OK say I told you so

    Well I mentioned on another thread that my W211 was supplied with only one key, and assurance, don't worry we will get the spare key from previous owner and call you when we have it. I seem to remember some comments such as hell will freeze over before the salesman calls me.....not quite...
  5. developer

    4 wheel drive E320CDI - UK Spec - you told me it didn't exist

    :D Mercedes-Benz E Class E320 CDI AVANTGARDE [EURO 4] [7] 5DR TIP AUTO 3.0 2005
  6. S

    Am I being told the truth?

    The ongoing saga with my C270 continues.... I called today to check when I'll be having my car back and was told that the part they need to fix the rear screen demister also works the fuel gauge (!!?) So they've had to find the part which will be here tomorrow. Does this sound right to anyone...
  7. T

    It's The Way He Told Them - RIP Frank Carson

    BBC News - Comic Frank Carson dies aged 85 I always remember him appearing on Tiswas when I was a kid. Very funny, but always warm hearted.
  8. D

    Told insurer about fitting winter tyres...

    Hi all, I spoke to my insurer today as there has been a lot of confusion about winter tyres being fitted and premiums increasing. They said that winter tyres will not affect my premium and they do not need to be notified (unfortunately they will not reduce it either :confused:) but if they need...
  9. Palmball

    I told you lot the LSD was essential.... these slippery conditions to drive your powerful RWD car round roundabouts the proper way! Push the ESP button so 'Sport' lights up on the dash (if you dare, hold it down for a few seconds ;)) Enter a roundabout at slow-medium speed Take a wide'ish angle then turn in Blip the...
  10. C

    What Engine is this? I was told 240D

    Umm, went to get new filters, glow plugs etc today but when I looked at them none of them fit. So what engine is this then?.
  11. Donza

    No-one told me the clocks were going back

    So i ended up coming into college an hour early and was wondering why all the lights were off and it was like a ghost town. I could have kipped for another hour and maybe not kerbed my wheel this morning! :(
  12. D

    Doctors told they must report unfit drivers to the DVLA

    Previously they were advised only to consider whether they should tell the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency if they believed a motorist was potentially dangerous. But draft guidance published by the General Medical Council makes it mandatory for doctors to report any motorist to the DVLA if...
  13. Donza

    Garage told me they could change half leather to full leather..

    I am interested in a W211 i have seen. I asked the garage whether it was full or half leather. they got back told and told me it was half. My heart sank. They then stated that they would be willing to change the seats to full leather if i bought the car. Has anyone heard of a garage do this...
  14. gary350

    Pammy I told you so

    Mazda are set to unveil the new tin top folding roof MX5 at the london motor show in july, What Car (july) page 41 if you are browsing in smiths. gary
  15. Steve_Perry

    UK motorists get a crap deal (like you need to be told).

    Click Meh No surprises there then :rolleyes: Trouble is, no matter who gets voted in government, the motorists are always treated like $hite. :mad: S.
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