1. S

    From Torquay.

    Hi people, Mart from Torquay (South Devon) 'ere. Just bought a training Merc, a C180 Esprit, W202. Learning loads from here, great site and forum. Just getting to grips with the parking brake and all that, soon be time to fix the faults. Keep up the great work. :D
  2. D

    Anyone in Paignton / Torquay

    I was in a multi-storey car park, in Paignton, with a ramp which was to be honest daft, with a very sharp angle change Sort of like the picture below. This has damaged the car, and I am considering claiming off the Local Authority as I do not believe the changes in angle meet design practice...
  3. stevesey

    Campsite between Southampton and Torquay next weekend?

    Now we have a dog we have the sudden urge to go camping next Fri/Sat - mid sumemr last minute I know:doh: Anyone know any sites along this section of coast (or a little inland) - not too concered about facilities - decent showers toilet block needed, but shops/bar/pool etc are not important.
  4. stats007

    Anyone near Torquay to view a car?

    It's not a Mercedes but has a V8 ;). PM me if you can help.
  5. MBManInKen

    Torquay Report

    Below is my report on the GTG in Torquay last Saturday. :D We drove up to Torquay on Friday and arrived back in London this evening. The s-class performed its magic as per usual and the ride was therefore comfortable and smooth in the extreme. However, there were quite a few traffic...
  6. M

    Torquay Annual Pilgrimage pics

    I didnt take anything like as many as I normally do - so my apologies to anyone I missed :) A lot were taken later in the day so I missed a few people who had already left Not a single car pic as the street was full of them - This was so much more about the people, The cars may have...
  7. timskemp

    Spotted today in Torquay... SL63

    I like. Lots. Sounds as good as it looks, photo is crappy but the car is the biz. Drove back a bit later with the hood down - that is a great looking car.:rock:
  8. Godot

    One for the Torquay Members

    Found this rather splendid Postcard on the Interweb, the other day on a very good image site. :) Thought our members from the Torquay are might like it or even remember the scene:):rolleyes:
  9. MikeL

    A Couple of Torquay Pics

    Just to encourage the Torquay GTG. :) Main Sea Front - looking towards Paignton & Brixham The Marina - (John is near the top of the picture somewhere!) Posh cars get to park on the pavement ;)
  10. kikkthecat

    Torquay poll

    On the basis that you cant please everyone it's let the people speak time. 4 Possible dates to got to Torquay, those going vote for a preferred date or dates and the majority carries it. Democracy in action.
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