1. D

    Tracker or RAC Trackstar +

    Hello all, I know that there has been some discusion on Tracking devices before, but I'm considering having one installed in my SLK. My question is, does anyone have any experience of the Tracker or RAC Trackstar+ the Tracker seems slightly cheaper by about £30, but the RAC Trackstar+ has an...
  2. Z

    RAC Trackstar and Safe Speed.

    Can fit this in quotes sorry. "A new, improved and cheaper satellite system to track stolen cars has been launched by RAC Trackstar. Called RAC Trackstar Plus, the set-up costs £351 plus fitting with an annual subscription of £120. That's £150 less for installation and £60 less a year...
  3. Flip

    Tracker - Trakback - Trackstar etc

    Can anyone advise me of their experience with buying a vehicle tracker. I have insurance quotes which require the fitment of a Tracking device which are considerably lower than those without this requirement. Any websites, prices etc of any systems gratefully received!!! Cheers
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