1. P

    2001 W168 - does the key fob contain a transponder "pea"

    Even on this early a model?
  2. Spinal

    Wanted: Baby/Child Seat Airbag Transponder

    No, I haven't gone and started a family. A very good friend of mine has though, and they don't live in the UK... their B-class has an in-built airbag, and they can't disable it without a merc approved baby seat. I'm hoping someone has a spare transponder, it would make a nice/unexpected...
  3. W

    Liber-t toll transponder tag

    I have a 2008 E320 CDI Avantgarde Estate and would like to know if there is a general location on the windscreen for the tag. The instructions show it should be fitted behind the rear-view mirror, in the "mottled" area, but there is no room due to the rain sensor. This location is preferred if...
  4. P

    Child seat transponder

    Hi, Does anyone have a MB child seat transponder they would like to sell?
  5. HB

    Child seat transponder

    Guys I need the transponders from a Merc child seat to attach to a booster seat for my wee boy. Can anyone help ?
  6. philiggy

    Free C class with ignition transponder problem

    I've just been offered a an S reg C class estate 2.8 sport. It wont start and the AA man told my friend who owns it it is the transponder in the ignition. He said it would be £600 from a dealer or £50 second hand. I thought they are individual to each car? Phil
  7. C

    A class key (transponder??) 'challenge'

    I have just bought my second A class, it's an A160 Classic2001 (my other is an A 160 **********e) because I think they are superb! But It has a few 'challenges' which I hope someone can help with. Both my wife and I drive both cars, so need to be able to open and use them. One remote key (and...
  8. Madferrit

    Key Transponder

    Hi All, Wonder if you can help. Was looking for a spare key Transponder for my '99 W210 and hainvg looked around EBay i notice there are quite a few on sale there. Can they be bought and re-coded for my car? or is that a complete waste of time. Also.. does anyone know roughly how much a...
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