1. CLSMark

    Trouble starting

    This morning it's refusing to start properly. It's cranking then very lazily starting at low revs, like it's about to cut out. Then seems to be ok. Any ideas anybody? Sent from my Apple product using Crapatalk
  2. grober

    TATA Trouble

    The TATA conglomerate including Tata Motors who own Jaguar Landrover are currently having a bit of a "domestic" Tata crisis: How do you sack a boss who won't go? - BBC News
  3. eddie007

    engine trouble

    hi, just recently bought a 1968 250se 4door and the engine runs for a few minutes then cuts out I think its running to rich. any ideas how to adjust. much appreciated
  4. G

    Engine trouble

    Hi I am driving a 2011 220CDi. While driving my dashboard will on occasion 'light-up' with all lights/warnings - the engine appears to stop but within seconds re-starts itself, this can happen 10 times in a period of a week and then not again for a couple of weeks. Further to that she will...
  5. M

    SLK trouble alarm and blinkers staying on R170

    My SLK started sounding the alarm without any reason, and kept going off almost as soon as I reset it. Then I took the car for a trip and after 15 min the horn sounded shortly a few times. I then parked and the blinker on one side stayed on. I disconnected the battery and the fault one side...
  6. J

    2000 SLK 320 6spd manual Gearbox linkage and then gearbox trouble!

    Hi folks, So, after many tribulations including brake pipes, fuel filter, belt idler and tensioner pulleys, belt, central locking, battery, paint, tyres and other things I cannot think of but I'm sure there is more, I finally had my SLK 320 back on the road... for exactly 20 minutes. I went to...
  7. J

    W164 280 Trouble Starting

    My ML 280 is struggling to start in the mornings. Just after we bought it last year the glow plug light was staying on for longer than it should be and it was struggling to start. A diagnostic found that one of the glowplugs were faulty and the garage changed all 6 glow plugs (so they said) and...
  8. A

    CLS Grand Edition ECU/Chip set Trouble

    Hi I wonder if someone could help never posted on here before but I'm sure I've come to the right place! My CLS Grand Edition shut down on me on Monday 1st Feb, 2009 edition 42k miles. The error code they picked up showed that their wasn't enough pressure from the fuel injectors to all 6...
  9. D

    power steering trouble

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- hi, me again. more problems. ok, My wife has a c class 270CDI, w203, 52 plate. recently she said it sounded funny when turning the steering, and this got worse over a few days, and also had the pulsing left...
  10. M

    W140 722.6 gearbox trouble (see video)

    A couple of weeks ago I bought myself a tired but well maintained W140 S320. I hadn't driven an S-class before, but can safely say it is by far the most comfortable and relaxing car I have been in. Simply incredible. I promptly set off to Europe for a road trip, but 700 miles in the gearbox...
  11. Chalpkin

    Aircon trouble

    Hi all, The other day my Air-conditioning stopped working, the light on the button next to the Auto button is constantly on and no cold air is forthcoming, any help/advice would be gratefully received. Regards, Chalpkin.
  12. 5

    New engine - trouble?

    Hi, I have a w124 and had the engine rebuilt. I was later told that the mechanic replaced the old engine block with a new one. However, the new one is not especially made for my model car. The car has driven 15,000 miles since rebuilt and it still drives very well! It always starts first...
  13. S

    trouble reading W124 E200 codes

    So I made a led flash code reader for the grandfather's e200. And here is what it brought up. Pin6- 2,3,8 'SRS' Pin10-8,13, roadsters soft top( not correct dosent add up) Pin12- staying on constant?? ( infrared remote) is faulty Only thing is the document that I'm reading off says that pin...
  14. biturbo

    TopGear Getting Boring / Clarkson Fired

    Top gear recently has had the porsche 928 which is about the 3rd time they have had a feature with this car. The jag f type tonight been done recently, same as eagle speedster. Last week the lfo been done recently, the bently continental, been done in various versions about 5 times. The new s...
  15. B

    trouble starting

    i have a c270cdi (2003), when starting the car from cold it fires up and cuts straight out, it will only start after several minutes of turning over, she will then fire up and run perfectly all day starting first time as should there on after, i had some leaks around the pressure pump which i...
  16. M

    Vito 2004 trouble code

    Hi Got the following trouble code from my Texa 2359 turbo charger. Not really helpful, I had a quick look think it could be a pipe leaking EGR or turbo actuator. Any other ideas? Mike
  17. R

    starting trouble

    hi all. last year i baught my first car 1992, w 124 200e. its awsome to drive. i really love the car. but there is a small problem and that is it takes a little time (4 - 5 secs) to start up. and then it picks up the temp slowly. especially after running for some time, say 30 min or more...
  18. ringway

    Someone at Betfair may be in trouble in the morning.

    Though I'd have a look how the odds are going on my selections for the world cup and was greeted (it is the official site) by this. :D LINK. Look at the top left of the screen. I think someone may be in trouble in the morning.
  19. M

    Trouble with connecting the iPod to my car

    Hi Apologies if this has already been posted. I did see a similar thread but dated for 2012 and didn't answer my question. I got my new B class last week :D I have an iPod Classic from 2007/8. I know its very old, but it has tonnes of storage and does what I need it to do- play music...
  20. L

    E350 gearbox trouble!

    My 2010 E350 diesel is suffering a very odd fault. I will try to describe the symptoms. On some journeys may be one in three or four, the autobox misbehaves, seems to stay in lower gear, most obvious at 50-60 mph. On the flat or downhill will not rev below about 2000. Most worrying is the hot...
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