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  1. B

    Horn u/s c220 2005

    Hi Everyone, my horn has stopped working, checked the basics, fuse traced to the fuse box in the engine bay. Not blown. checked for voltage at the horn when steering wheel pressed. no voltage present. Removed the Airbag assy from the Steering wheel, looks a bit complicated behind there...
  2. abueloeddie

    Passenger side footwell light U/S. How to replace please?

    Evenin' all! Ref. the snappy headline (!) There's not a lot of light coming from the passenger side footwell and its cover seems to be spot welded into the trim.. Advice please on replacement and what type of bulb to get. Thanks in advance (Newbie to Mercs.)
  3. Gawdi

    W124 300D - Driving with U/S Glow Plug(s)

    Not that technical a person. Got at least 1 glow plug out, but car starts OK - well in colder weather it bangs a bit and puts out a little smoke for a few seconds, then runs as smoothly as ever...... warm starts are no problem, its just like normal.. I have spoken to my local independant who...
  4. Shiskine

    W126 Heated Rear Screen u/s

    Had my 300SE for nearly a week now and am still finding things that don't work. I thought the only significant gizmo that had packed in was the sunroof and decided I was happy to live without it. However, with a fugged up rear window this morning, I discovered that my rear screen heater doesn't...
  5. M

    E-class Audio 10 head unit U/S

    Hello, I can't get any volume out of the stereo in my E-class. I have tried all buttons including the mute button! I just wondered if it was something simple before I remove it as I have a Kenwood head unit and shuttle in the spare room. Thanks. Mike.

    w208 heater fan u/s

    the heater blower in my w208 does not work at all, checked the usual fuses etc but to no avail, also rear fog lamp is inop & its not the bulb the stealer looked into this on last mot & gave up ! dont fancy them checking the blower unless i have to , any pointers ??
  7. B

    W124 odometer trip u/s

    Today I took my car out for a drive. I reset the trip odometer to zero and drove off. From that moment, I heard a "tick" sound, it appeared to come from the area near the petrol filler cap! When I was stationary in traffic, the "tick" sound was not apparent but, when I drove off, I heard it...
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