1. Londonscottish

    London ULEZ - trying to pick an E Class - petrol or diesel

    Evenin' all. I've recently been asking questions about W212's and was happily narrowing down my search to various 350 CDI's. However I live in London (Zone 2) and the ultra low emission zone(ULEZ) is planned for 2020 and I'm struggling to work out the options. I know that wouldn't be...
  2. wongl

    Poll: TFL to introduce ULEZ in 2020

    Just received an email from TFL about their plans to introduce an Ultra Low Emission Zone in 2020 using the existing Congestion Charge boundary. The charge for vehicles failing to meet their ULEZ level will be £100/day for HGV and £12.50/day for Cars/Van/Bikes. This will be on top of the CC fee...
  3. P


    What do people think they'll do with their cars when the Ultra Low Emission Zone bans cars older than 10 years anywhere within the North and south circular roads in London in 2020 ?
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