1. I

    Not fully understanding this SL 320/600

    I havent been following the R230 market is there a significant price difference between a 320 and 600? ONE OFF MERCEDES 320 SL For Sale (1997) on Car And Classic UK [C191561]
  2. Somebody

    Understanding the oil spec table

    So, I bought a manual for my 5.0 v8, and this is the oil table: This looks really confusing because they seem to all overlap a lot. Doesn't that table basically mean ''as long as you live on planet earth, and not in Siberia or the Sahara desert, use pretty much anything''? I can't see any...
  3. L

    Understanding car numbers and part numbers

    Hello all, I'm trying to locate a couple of second hand parts including a seat belt and a wing mirror. I have had the car 6 months and this is the first time I've needed some new parts. I am a bit confused with the model numbers and would be grateful if someone could please tell me of an...
  4. R

    w124 cabrio understanding the hood mechanism

    Greetings all, I am looking for a little light bedtime reading regarding my W124 hood mechanism. I would love to understand the process of how my hood works after I unclip the front head catches and press the illuminated red button. How does it all orchestrate together? Does every moving...
  5. Sp!ke

    Understanding Tyre Markings

    I thought I'd start a thread with pictures of tyre markings in a bid to help everyone understand what they mean. I'll start with this one since I've never seen it before so assume it to be a new type of marking. Anyone seen it before?
  6. L

    Understanding Kimi...

  7. 9

    Understanding Engineers

    Just come across these on another forum- thought they may amuse: Understanding Engineers - 1 Two engineering students crossing the campus when one said, "Where did you get such a great bike?" The second engineer replied, "Well, I was walking along yesterday minding my own business...
  8. Andy W

    Understanding tyre sizes

    Two interesting sites about tyres and sizing wheels to wheel wells on kit cars. Makes interesting reading. http://www.kitcarbooks.com/tiretech.html http://www.usedtyreexports.com/tyres_tyre_facts.htm understanding tire sizing: Let's spend a moment deciphering the code on the side of...
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