1. MancMike

    Utterly inane Morrissey song

    I'm spinning the radio knob every time this "Kiss me a lot" song gets played, which seems to be every damn day, on most radio stations! I love classical music, too, but I wouldn't normally listen to it in the car (needs finesse and quiet to be appreciated properly), but classic FM is the...
  2. MancMike

    Service nowhere near due, but air filters utterly filthy

    Hi, Gents. Being curious about what my engine looks like under the covers, I removed the covers, and my god it's the most complicated engine I've ever seen!!! :eek: Anyway, I inspected the air filters, my service as per ASSYST PLUS isn't for another 150 days, but the air filters were...
  3. R

    Inspired Discovery or utterly pointless

    A keyhole cover for the ignition key. It makes it look like you've got Keyless Go. Of course it doesn't work and does nothing! Good laugh or pointless gimmick! PS. Its an MB part!
  4. saorbust

    Utterly (even brutal) ad.

  5. Guy

    E55 Utterly Outclassed...

    Last weekend was marvellous - up to Alexandra Palace for a stroll before driving down to Guildford for a weekend with an old pal...and to see his new motor... And there it was in the drive, a spanking new black DB9 :eek: :D It is absolutely gorgeous, even when it's standing...
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