1. M

    need help 230 ce coupe high revs, where do the vacum hoses go

    just had new head and gasket fitted and engine is running well, but revs up to 2000 revs till u put it in drive then they drop again. has any one got any pictures of engine bays to see where ll the vacuum hoses go see if i have them fitted wright
  2. merc85

    Vacum T inlet manifold e320cdi 211

    Hi, i want to fit a Vacuum/boost gauge to my e320cdi so i can monitor what the turbo is doing.:crazy: Is there a easy place i can take a T off from the inlet manifold side of the engine?? 53 e320cdi s211
  3. T

    Vacum control automatic gearbox.

    If I remove the CI-injection on a m103 engine, and replaces this with megasquirt, will it affect the vacum controlling to the gearbox?
  4. Barryh

    handheld vacum

    I am looking to buy a vacum for easy cleaning the car.What are your opinions and recommendations? Barry
  5. w2intz

    Vacum problem

    Hello! l'm not good at english but l think somebody can understand my problem. l have 2.0L engine in my w124. 87 year. Can anybody tell me, where this vacum go? l show some picture to for this vacum: And the second vacum: Henry. :bannana:
  6. B

    300E vacum thingy under air manifold?

    I have got a misfire on No 1 cylinder my 1995 300E diesel (55,000 miles). So I have stripped the top off the engine to get to the injectors.i intend to swap the injector with a known fireing one then if the misfire changes another cylinder i know the injector is duff. When I took the air intake...
  7. PeterG

    Vacum seats

    I have read on previous threads that the seats are operated on a vacum system. Well my w129 300sl 1992 drivers seat does not push forward when I pull the silver lever on the side. There is no resistance as I pull it, would be most obliged if any one could advise me of how to fix it please. Peter...
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