1. J

    E Coupe VAT Price Increase

    Just had a look on the Mercedes website and they now have the new price list for the E Class Coupe, (and probably other models as well). The prices have increased by more than the VAT change and so Mercedes are obviously taking advantage of the situation and have added a bit more on as well...
  2. grober

    How to avoid the VAT increase.

    This from the What Car Web Site. Land Rover has become the latest manufacturer to offer protection against the rise in VAT to 20%, but there is a way every buyer can avoid the increase – even on cars delivered six months into 2011. Place an order before the increase in VAT on January 4, 2011...
  3. The Boss

    Just Ordered a Brand Spanking New Car to arrive 1 week before VAT Rise - Yay!

    So after weeks of shopping around for the best deal - talking to 30+ dealers, i have finally got a super super SUPER Deal on a brand new car and deposit put down... If any one wants to have a guess as to what i bought, please do.. All will be revealed on arrival in December - which is already...
  4. Mudster

    VAT Qualifying (Used car)

    I've been browsing the Sales Lists at Blackbushe and noticed a couple of the cars that caught my eye were described as "VAT Qualifying". These were 40,000 mile 2008 models. So what exactly is VAT Qualifying about a car of this age and how does effect me as an individual or if I choose to buy...
  5. M

    Any tame accountants? VAT threshold Q...

    Have been puzzling over the VAT threshold issue, and am just checking that I've got the right end of HMRC's stick. On the HMRC Web site I read: "If you supply goods and services both inside and outside the UK, then you may need to register for UK VAT if your UK trade alone exceeds the...
  6. W

    Legal to charge VAT?

    I saw some car bits advertised on ebay before Christmas and the seller was a commercial breaker. All the parts they were selling were advertised with a price which included VAT. Delivery was quoted as an extra price, again including VAT. I entered into discussion about a part they were...
  7. ringway

    Access. Changing Vat back to 17.5%.

    Hi everyone. Last year I easily changed the Vat rate from 17.5% to 15% on our Access dbase. However, since upgrading from Office 2003 to Office 2007 a few months ago I don't know my way around this software as well as I used to. :doh: It used to be just a case of going into the system...
  8. M

    Question about VAT registration

    Background: sole trader, Web site retail. I'm sure that I read somewhere on HMRC's Website that there was a quarterly figure above which I'd have to register for VAT. Just rechecked and all I can find is an annual figure: £67,000pa. On this page:
  9. X

    Flat Rate VAT trap

    Has anyone else been caught by the Flat Rate VAT trap....I am registered for VAT and it was suggested that I to go on the Flat Rate Scheme. In principel this seemed ok when I looked into it....I charge my clients VAT at 17.5% and pay Inland Revenue VAT at 12.5% I have been doing this quite...
  10. kjay

    No VAT at CKS

    I know some on here aren't fans of CKS Performance, but I've used them a couple of times with no problems. I've just ordered an Eibach anti-roll bar kit from them and was pleased to find out they're not charging VAT in January!! Only a few days left, but thought it worth a mention.;) Jay.
  11. bigbobs cl

    Quick note on the VAT change

    I`ve already posted this but may be of interest to some!! This is what it says on the letter from the VAT. "If you have received payment or issued an invoice before Dec 1 for goods that will be provided (or services) after Dec 1 you have a choice. You can choose to account for VAT at the new...
  12. A

    The new VAT @ 15% is this law?

    Hello The VAT dropping to 15% is this going to be compulsary? I thought I saw on the news that some (most) shop owners were not going to pass the discount on? I have also just placed an order for HP Storage (for work) at £26K and the guy I speak to wanted the order in quickly for us as HP...
  13. Satch

    VAT down to 15%??

    Well, could be........ So if you were planning to buy something VATable costing more than a few squids on Sunday, don't.
  14. Spinal

    VAT advice...

    Howdy, quick question. I work for a school which is VAT registered. I need to buy some IT equipment and I'm being quoted prices which include VAT. Do I pay the VAT and claim it back, or is it common practice to give the supplier our VAT number and not pay it? Thanks, Michele
  15. Donza

    Plumbers.......£100 + VAT + hour!

    Are they having a laugh? I have a leak under my kitchen unit. My laminate is destroyed. Me and my mate are going to repair it tomorrow. I turned the water off anyhow. I am in the wrong vocation. Maybe i should retrain as a plumber...:confused:
  16. crockers

    A Question on VAT on car profit

    If a dealer buys a car in for X and sells it for Y does he have to pay VAT on the profit...? I was in my MB dealership this morning - looking at a SLK and when he told me that I thought Bullsh!t...but didn't want to push the point incase I was wrong..:rolleyes:
  17. mercmanuk

    vat reg number

    does anyone know how to find out if a vat reg number is genuine or who it is registered to number 920273943 cheers all
  18. Bobby Dazzler

    James Bond Casino Royale - £5.99 plus VAT at Costco

    Not much to add other than that's around half the price are advertising it for £14.49 - and it was only released yesterday.
  19. BenzComander

    500gb external Hdrive for £92.99+VAT

    Not sure if this is a good deal or not??
  20. S

    R-Class Leasing deal £319/month+VAT

    Looks like Mercedes are having trouble shifting the R-Class and have started shoving them out via leasing companies. Only £375/month inc VAT from here:- It's not really my cup of tea, but if I needed a car of this size it has to be a bit...
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