1. markjay

    EU VAT Query

    Perhaps someone can shed some light on this particular issue.... looking at the European Commission website: Where to tax? - European Commission It says that: ------------------------------------------------- Supply of goods The place of taxation is determined by where the goods...
  2. O

    VAT query

    Any experts on VAT here? Want to buy a couple of model kits from Netherlands second hand. These were originally exported from the UK and VAT paid by the purchaser. Will I have to pay VAT on bringing these back into the UK? The reason I ask is that the VAT element will approach £800 making the...
  3. M

    Vat Petition

    My mate started this petition (he has a fuel guzzler SL55). Sign it then we will all get cheaper petrol :)
  4. rockits

    Jaguar xj 2011/11 black 3.0 diesel twin turbo premium luxury £22950 vat qualifying

    Just selling/replacing my work XJ so have given to my brother to sell for me. He sells all my cars for me as it is his line of work and business. Much easier this way ;) Always happy to do a nice deal for a MB Club UK member though either as private sale from me or through my brother retail...
  5. grober

    Vat scam

    Exposed today VAT scam by leading retailers in AIRPORT duty free areas. Airport shops urged to pass VAT savings on to customers - BBC News Vat Scams, people on direct debit being routinely overcharged by their utility companies, Customers mis-sold PPI, Banks fiddling the libor rate...
  6. DSM10000

    Voluntary VAT registration

    I am posing this on behalf of a friend as I know there are a great many knowledgeable members on the forum. We have a friend who is an "Artisan baker" mainly producing specialist cakes. She thinks it would be useful to voluntarily register for VAT as she is looking to lease a van through...
  7. edstrom76

    Going VAT registered

    The wife has a SME (beauty salon) and we've been on about whether or not to go VAT registered. At the moment her turnover is not exceeding £10k/annum so she's not paying any tax, but that's likely to increase as she gets more and more clients. She's doing really well. I am aware of the £81k/year...
  8. J

    simple spreadsheet for flat rate vat accounting

    not sure if this is posted in the right place or not. My g/f has started contracting and needs to keep very simple records of income and expenses. She is under the flat rate scheme. Anyone know of any links to a very simple spreadsheet so she can keep a record for the accountant. I would make...
  9. M

    w124 new drag link £3.36 inc vat and delivery!

    I think ECP may have made a listing error? Q-Drive Centre Drag Link / Tie Rod Assembley - Mercedes E-Class (A124 C124 W124) | eBay
  10. J

    vat qualifying cars

    I am after secondhand e350 and see a couple of vat qualifying ones around. My question is are these priced the same (inc vat) as a non qualifying car? Ie if there were two identical in all aspects cars, but one was vat qualifying (ie from a leasing company etc) and one wasnt, would the vat...
  11. V12

    Import VAT, customs duty etc from USA

    I'm looking to buy a MOST ipod adapter from Singapore. It's listed at half the price I can get it for over here - £160 with £20 postage. It is second hand (don't know whether that matters or it's just the value that things are calculated on. HMRC website is a minefield and i have no clue what...
  12. RobertoMercini

    £215 inc VAT for an A Service

    On my W203 Coupe, is this reasonable? Having only had a B with this garage before and my last A was on a different car (and through a Mercedes specialist, not the dealership) How much cheaper would I get it, if I tried? Any opinions welcome :thumb:
  13. cliveyboy8

    Air Ambulances & VAT

    Did you know the Lifeboat service is exempt from VAT on the fuel they use. Air Ambulances are not - they have to pay the VAT on fuel used whilst attending callouts. Without the Yorkshire Air Ambulance I might not be here today. There is currently a petition to make the Government consider...
  14. The _Don


    A friend has this for sale. Used VOLKSWAGEN CRAFTER CR30 88 TDI SWB Diesel Vans | Van Trader UK
  15. ringway


    Is it legal for a company to charge a private individual say £200 including VAT for a product, but charge a VAT registered individual or company £200 plus VAT for exactly the same product? TIA. Paul.
  16. P

    Diagnostic: £103 (+vat) !!!

    Is this a record? My E270 Estate has been telling me to "Visit Workshop", with a picture of my car with an arrow pointing upwards, since before Christmas. I had to go to the main dealers for some more bits for the car and thought I would have a quick word with the service department to find...
  17. D

    2008/58 Toyota Hilux HL3 D4D No VAT To Pay.

    My brother-in-law is selling his 2008/58 plate Toyota Hilux HL3 with no VAT and I thought it might be of interest to someone on here. Excellent condition (it's never been used commercially) Silver 51,000 miles Full Toyota history (the next service at 60k is paid for) He's looking for a...
  18. janner

    Amzon and VAT

    Title should say Amazon. I've just ordered this Gopro camera. The email confirmation says no VAT. Will I be charged extra when it arrives?
  19. Ade B

    VAT on construction

    One for the builders/developers out there - dropped into my inbox earlier: Obviously proper accountant's advice required etc. however thought it may be useful info for someone. Ade
  20. SilverSaloon

    Mercedes price increase up by 3% same time as VAT inc

    hi just been told that MB prices increased by 3% at the same time the VAT increased...
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