1. steveatpipex

    Question re VAT :)

    Well last week was a milestone for me as I have taken advantage of the public sectors excellent pension (hey, I've been paying 12% of my salary for 30 yrs!) and have decided to have fun doing something I enjoy - specialising in developing people, and making a difference (through various coaching...
  2. R

    £50 (+VAT) to change a battery!

    Just had the battery in my 190E die. Turns out that it's the original, as fitted in the factory, and has lasted 12 years (can't complain about that!). Called my nearest M-B dealer in Harrogate to see if they could replace it. They could, for £72, which seemed reasonable. But then they told me...
  3. mercmanuk

    origin b2 £330 inc vat bargain a friend bought one at weekend arrived today bargain
  4. glojo

    Builders Vans and VAT

    Help required, My brother-in-law is thinking of buying a new van for his business. The vehicle he is looking at has a row of seats behind the driver, plus windows for these passengers to look out of. The salesperson stated my brother-in-law could claim back the VAT, but when he checked...
  5. scotth_uk

    Dell Axim X5 with Tom Tom 2 for £357 inc VAT! :-(

    Hi guys, I almost had a baby this morning - according to this page: Dell were offering their Axim X5 PDA with Tom Tom 2 navigation for £357 inc VAT and delivery. Unfortunately when I called up to get...
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