1. I

    VDO Tyre Pressure Sensor

    Part number S180014730Z. New in box. Fits a variety of MB models using part numbers: A002 540 48 17 A002 540 67 17 A002 540 69 17 A002 540 80 17 £35 inc delivery.
  2. noogieman

    VDO 52mm gauges?

    Where to buy cheap VDO 52 mm gauges from UK? Are there any webshops in UK selling these cheaper besides Ebay? I want to install 3 gauges like in this picture. I will be buying white dial gauges to match my instrument cluster Voltmeter VDO "Viewline" Chrom weiß Voltmeter | eBay Should I buy a...
  3. T

    removal of VDO ECU e280 M104.192 w124

    Going to get it tested but is there an easy way of getting it out? can't pull directly up as not enough space under the windscreen. What is the other big module infront of it, and does that have to come out? Does anyone rate/know ecu-repairs in Greenwich? Many Thanks Iain
  4. R

    Has anyone used VDO Repair?

    The gear and temperature display in my CLK now has an irritating number of dead pixels. Has anyone used the services of this company and do they have any comments regarding the service? http://www.vdorepair.co.uk/index.htm Cheers, RC
  5. W

    vdo sat nav

    hi my merc comand has stop working. the shop say its beyond repair so am going to fit my vdo sat nav, i need a speed pulse wire does any1 know were i can pick one up from on the car. its a 208 clk 230k thanks
  6. D

    E220 VDO cruise control install

    hi from oz I am fitting a vdo gc cruise control to my 1995 e220 and to set the programme switch I need to know the number of speed signal pulses per km.any help much appreciated. doug I have just found my answer :bannana: it is 4,200 pulses per km...
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