1. ngenius1

    Ver Nice W124 Cab

    Looks great but £20 K !! Mercedes-Benz E-Class E320 Sportline 3.2 24V 220BHP 1996 Blue Dark For Sale, (Car Advert 269245) |
  2. D

    bluetooth SAP ver 1 passcode

    Can anyone help please. I am pairing a blackberry to a SAP VER:1 cradle installed in my ML. It asks me for a passcode which is supposed to be on the inside of the SAP module but alas it is not there. Is there a generic passcode for these units and if not, any ideas? TIA
  3. S

    Aps dvd for comand ver 4.1

    Hi, Just sold my E class and found the old DVD that I replaced with the 2008 version. Came from my 55 plate (sept 05) car and has a Merc part no. of A2118278159 is version no. 4.1 for Europe. Not sure if this is of any use to anyone? Cheers, Jason.
  4. jim4

    Free to a good home -> DVD Europe Comand APS Ver 4.0

    Free to a good home -> Mercedes-Benz DVD Europe Comand APS Ver 4.0 A1698272059 / B67823386. Works with A-Class (>09/2004), C-Class (>04/2004), CLK-Class (>06/2004) and Smart ForFour. UK and Europe mapping including TMC for some European countries. Used condition as it was in my car till...
  5. C

    WIS Ver 9

    Hi anyone had any difficulties installing WIS and yet still succeded. I'm 'testing' a copy that wont install on my machine. I know it works as I got a mate to install on his own machine. So it does work. Its this version Mercedes & Smart WIS 2009 manuali workshop manuals NEW! You run the start...
  6. M

    SLK 350- Sat Nav DvD Ver. 9.0 or 9.1

    Hi guys, I have an SLK 350 2005 and basically I have been told that Ver. 10 DvD is not compatible for the SLK. I have been advised to go for the Ver. 9.0. Someone mentioned a 9.1. So not sure which one is the latest. Also I thought the part number for Sat Nav DvD is: B67823848/A1698275059...
  7. K

    APS 30 Ver. 10.0

    Hi, I am sure you are all interested in the new version of the APS 30 software. It came out a fourtnight ago. There is a separate CD for the UK and IRL this time. All updated and improved! Even little lanes are on it this time...

    Comand Aps Map Dvd Ver 5.1

    I have a surplus COMAND map DVD for sale. As new in the original MB packaging - £40 - if anyone is interested send a PM A cheap way to enable TMC for those without this functionality. Works on E(211), CLS, S(220 from 2004), CL, SL & SLK Regards Steve

    Comand Aps Map Dvd Ver 5.1

    Now my E320 is gone I have a surplus map disk - works on COMAND APS for E/CLS/S/CL/SL/SLK. This is the version that enables TMC - Pt No B6 782 3627. As new condition with original MB case and manual - open to offers. I also have the following software update disks - free, if they are of any...
  10. A

    nav disc ver 5.1 dvd

    Hi i have just listed this on ebay hope its alright to list a link here!
  11. M

    Have a ver Happy Christmass everyone

    Thanks for the advice evryone has given me since I started on the forum. Unfortunatly I am going away for a week so wont be able to use the net which will be hard as cant go a day with out it now, am an adict is as hard to stop using as giving up smoking. So just wanted to say happy christmass...
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