1. ringway

    Maidstone to Wokingham, or vice versa.

    Next week my work takes me to Maidstone ME14 and Wokingham RG41. I'll be leaving home at 6.00am so will be able to reach either area by 9.30-10.00am. Getting to either destination is simple, but I have to get from ME14 to RG41 or vice versa. I don't want to get caught up in any unnecessary...
  2. crockers

    Apple - Windows and vice versa

    Now I know one can put windows on a Mac using intel processor etc BUT Can one put a Mac OS on a windows based machine? Or is this a one way process only...
  3. B

    Scrape/Grind when shifting from 3rd to 4th Gear and Visa Versa

    Hi people can anyone help please? My brother has a 1998 W202 C180 Classic, when ever he shifts from 3rd to forth gear or visa versa it sounds like a scrapeing or grating of metal. What could this be and is it harmfull? The nise sounds like its coming from under the car and can be heard...
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