1. gaz_l


    Showing my age now, but does anyone else still watch stuff on tape? I'm having a night in tonight as the Mrs has gone out to a "baby shower", and I'm watching an old Billy Joel concert I taped off the telly a million years ago. Obviously, a million years is exaggerating, but checking up the...
  2. D

    Old VHS tapes

    The time has come to dispose of around 500 pre-recorded old tapes - all in original boxes. Mainly thrillers, scifi, period drama, kids stuff, and some without guns and bullets (watchable when the wife is sitting next to you). Thing is... They are obsolete and have no real value that I can...
  3. Jukie

    Vinyl to cd, VHS to DVD

    Has anyone ever used a professional service for either or both of the above? I'm looking for recommendations. Sadly, I have neither the time nor the kit to do it myself. TIA, David.
  4. Simon

    VHS to DVD question

    I want to get 3 VHS tapes copied to DVD, These mean a lot to me as it's all family stuff and I don't want to risk anything going wrong, like losing them :crazy: What about This sort of company, would you trust them? What would you do? Cheers.
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