1. Downlands

    Not happy w203

    Just had a bad episode it's my c220 cdi 2004 w203 rev counter flew round and bounced at the top end unable to control the cars speed then a banging noise from the engine with blue smoke from exhaust. Garage have checked looks like a blown turbo which caused engine to race and damage con rods on...
  2. RickyKennedy01

    W203 Coupe Engine Noise

    As the title says, I’ve got a horrible noise when starting up the car. I’ve attached a link to my YouTube video, with further details in its description. Any help greatly appreciated! :D https://youtu.be/T3t5ZYekHb8
  3. F

    w203 2008 coupe antenna amplifier

    Guys, After following all the advice and the instructions here I have an issue with the amplifier. How can it be replaced? Does the rear windscreen need to come off or not? Can windscreen replacement people fix it or shall I take it to the garage? Your help is appreciated.
  4. MervC

    W203 engine cuts out and ignition lights come on

    Hi, My beloved W230 (2005) has recently started showing signs of problems: About once a week, whilst driving at any speed, all of the ignition lights came on, the engine briefly cut out, and then within a second the lights went out and the engine kicked back in, almost as if nothing had...
  5. J

    No dashboard/wipers/turn signals/windows w203

    I have a c180 kompressor w203 When I turn the car on the car starts fine but the dashboard and wipers,signals and windows will not work. Sometimes the car will turn on and everything will work fine but most of the time I have this problem!! I've checked all fuses but it wouldn't be any of them...
  6. J

    W203 - swap cd changer for a bluetooth module?

    Apologies but im a total noob here... I have just bought myself a w203 c32 amg and wanted to be able to play music via bluetooth in my car! From what I have read and understood I have the comand 2.0 HU and I know it is possible to get a bluetooth module that replaces the AUX in the glovebox...
  7. S

    W203 Sports Steering Wheel

    I few months back I bought a sports option steering wheel for my 2005 W203 270 CDI to replace the grey standard one in the car. I have just replaced the steering angle sensor and went to fit the wheel, and unfortunately the airbag fittings are different. They are still green and yellow but...
  8. F

    W203 Late 2006 model - interior lights problem!

    Hey all! New to the site and thought I'd start off with a little niggle I have... my car is a '56 plate W203 C Class estate, the problem I'm having is that the interior lights don't come on when I open the drivers door - the lights work on all the other doors including the boot... it's just the...
  9. M

    Brake fluid for w203?

    Hi I wonder if you guys suggest which brake fluid to buy for W203 2005 cdi first time iam going to change brake fluid but dont know which to buy. will appreciate your suggestion's Many Thanks
  10. M

    W203 strut bearing rubber 'nubs' direction

    Hi All, Can anyone advise what direction the fat and thin 'nubs' on the strut mount should be? I recently changed both front shocks and fitted the strut bearings back as was. Currently trying to track down why the front driver side wheel has a clunk and feels like it its bobbing up and...
  11. brucemillar

    C55 W203 Wagon - Sunroof Drains ?

    Friends Can anybody tell me please, where the sunroof drains are to be found on my C55 W203? The car steams up heavily on all windows, when it has/is raining. It is not the windscreen scuttles ar the AC drain pipes and I found no evidence of water ingress in the usual places (boot cubby's...
  12. B

    Loss of MW...is there a signal amplifier W203?

    Hi, My wife's C270 CDi (W203) has developed a problem with MW reception, there is none!!...FM still seems fine but we cannot tune MW (I am an avid radio 5 listener so very frustrating). Its not a local signal issue as our W164 ML is fine. Is there a signal amplifier built in that might be...
  13. A

    W203 c320

    Has anyone got an idea how much it should cost for a 7g transmission oil and filter change And could anyone recommend someone in the north Kent area that could do this while I wait? Thanks in advance
  14. D

    C Class 2006. W203. Gearbox issue.

    Hi guys, I've had the car a week and been amazed but today its been different. The MPG has dropped, its been slow to change gear and slightly jolting. i've checked service history and cant see a recent auto box oil change. Its done 112k. Any ideas of the cost? Seems a good plan. Anyone had...
  15. D

    W203 - C220CDI electronic fuel level issue

    When i first got the car decided to check out the dipstick. Felt like one when I realised some have an electronic dipstick. However I cant get it to give me a readout. Wonder if its failed in someway. Any ideas guys?
  16. D

    Alloy wheels on W203 CDI

    Hi guys New today, just bought my first ever Merc. 2006 220CDI estate. Nice car but one or two issues as you'd expect on a car this age. Will post those in the correct category. However has anyone replaced the spacesaver with a full size 16" alloy? Looks like it fits in the boot fine and may...
  17. C

    W203 facelift sport edition rear bump strip parking sensors

    hi. my 2006 c220 cdi sport edition rear outer right sensor played up, im trying to figure out how to remove the rear bump strip which houses the sensors. it is a one piece bump strip going all the way round the bumper. thanks.
  18. K

    W203 C220 2005 C Class

    Hi, Please can you let me know what I need to purchase, to enable me to use the bluetooth telephone option in a W203 2005 C220 C class. Do I need just the bluetooth ECU unit (Bluetooth module 2118702726 mercedes coupe c220 w203 km05xxt 00-08 sheffield) ?
  19. Petrol Pete

    A call out to all C55 owners

    A call out to all C55 AMG owners (W203 2006 Estate if possible) PLEASE take a photo of your rear brake disc calliper (thru the spokes will be enough) and post it or PM me. My dilemma is posted on this forum under 'Wheels, tyres suspension brakes etc' in the Maintenance section. This is...
  20. R

    1st Benz W203 - Sheffield

    Hey Up All, Bought a W203 270 cdi so thought i would join up. I have just replaced the HU in the car and fitted some OSRam Nightbreaker Lasers. I am looking at bigger wheels bigger brakes and a remap. Hopefully find some more info on here :-). Zaff
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