1. ringway

    The three litter wardens. Not a bad "Pick Up"

    LINK. :rolleyes:
  2. Gucci

    Half of Lambeth traffic wardens not turned up for work after immigration checks!

    ...but their tickets they handed out are still valid! :eek:
  3. R

    traffic wardens on tv

    The secrets of wardens exposed on itv 1
  4. com

    Bloody traffic wardens ! *vent*

    Never really minded traffic wardens and always been extra paranoid about where I park but my latest run in with one in particular seems to be un-earthing some deepest regions of the soul and all I can think of now is climbing a tower with a sniper rifle and start picking them off so apologies...
  5. scotth_uk

    Parkign wardens in London - taking pics

    Hi All, Just a quickie - I was down at Pall Mall earlier in the week and noticed that the wardens were taking digital pics of the cars that they were ticketing. Good idea?
  6. Satch

    Tricks of the wardens

    Parking attendants have been caught on camera admitting they cheat drivers to boost the number of tickets they issue. Undercover investigators filmed a series of wardens confessing their top tricks. The film shows them: Discussing how to give motorists tickets - even after they have driven...
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