1. P

    A class 2001 - refitting battery wedge

    White thing thats screwed in alongside the battery. Hassle getting it off unless you've got the right socket and a screwdriver-type fitting. Inserted new battery. Same width as previous one. Can't get wedge back down the side. Any ideas?
  2. mercmancdi

    Where can I get 12v 0.4 watt wedge bulbs

    Anyone know Where can I get 12v 0.4 watt wedge bulbs for the back lights of heater control switches of a 95 w124 E300 d.
  3. G

    2 x Dynamat Xtreme wedge pack (sound deadening)

    brand new and unopened each pack contains 4 sq ft looking for £30 if collected from near uxbridge, west london. can be posted at cost
  4. D

    New E-class almost ready - wedge shape, very sexy

    Mercedes E-Class Spy Photos Give Another Glimpse at Display Screen similar to the new C-class. The tail lights are different for saloon and estate
  5. grober

    Wedge brakes -the future.

    Will we be seeing these on Mercedes cars in the not too distant future??:confused: or did they get their fingers burned with the "sensotronic saga"
  6. Satch

    LED wedge bulbs

    About to order some Platinum White PIAA wedge bulbs to eliminate the clash between the nasty yellowish sidelight versus Xenon headlights. Noticed there is a range of LED wedge bulbs Anybody used these? Any good?
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