1. C

    Vito CDI white smoke

    Hi, Hoping someone can give advice with this- I only have limited knowledge of diesels! Today my Vito van, 2001, 108 cdi model, suddenly starting poring white smoke out the back, huge clouds of it. This is smoke, not steam, smells very smoky too! Van is running rough and went into limp home...
  2. whizzkid11

    FOR SALE: Nokia Lumia 920 - White

    Just checking if anybody is interested in buying my wife's Nokia Lumia 920, in white. 4G ready, LTE Version. Its on T-mobile/Orange/EE She got it as an upgrade but wants to keep her Samsung S3. PM if interested (PS - I have already have RED Lumia 920 hence selling hers)
  3. F

    Sl55 amg 2003 command is white!????

    Hi I have just bought my first amg and I'm loving it.... Apart from the command being faulty...the unit works radio cd But the screen Is showing all white with lines going through it... Many thanks in advance your help Regards
  4. Spinal

    Pieces of V8 (White Hat Rally 2013)

    As many of you know, I do a few rally-type things. About a year ago, I was lucky enough to be part of the committee organising the white hat rally; and the details for this year's event have been released. I must make a point - while the event is mainly targetting at people in IT, anyone can...
  5. M

    nice w202 amg in white

    Mercedes C36 AMG Factory White For Sale (1995) on Car And Classic UK [C355747] i like the look of this,white looks so good on benzo's
  6. 300CE

    1988 mercedes 260e w124 rare manual white zender kit

  7. 300CE

    1986 Jaguar XJ6 Series III 3.4 Auto In White 31,000 Miles Aug 2013 MOT - £1495

    OK, OK, I know I've posted up two Jags on the forum, but this looked like a bargain & I know there are few chaps who, like me, have a soft spot for a series 3! 1986 Jaguar XJ6 Series III 3.4 Auto In White Low Mileage of 31,000 | eBay
  8. dronnieboy

    White 420 SEC

    1986 MERCEDES 420 SEC AUTO WHITE | eBay Looks like a good price....? Miami-Vice-Me-Up!!!
  9. D

    Collected today, my new C220 Sport Plus Estate Diamond White

    Chuffed doesn't begin to cut it! Had an appointment with Nick at MK Mercedes this morning to collect, was in the showroom looking stunning. Quick pic attached, it's already dirty as the roads are not great for your new white car! :D
  10. E

    anyone recommend a wax fo calcite white paintwork?

    With the recent good sunny weather it has got me thinking. Can anyone recommend a wax to use for calcite white, how much time it takes for application and cost? Thanks
  11. Rashman

    The White Dog

    So, The day out with Toby, Don, Steve and Ray was great. We all made our way down to the White Dog for a good chat and a bite to eat. Steve and Ray left early as they had engagements to attend, leaving Toby, Don and myself to eat. The food was excellent. After eating, we sat outside and...
  12. B

    Polar White - W204 Sport plus

    Cut a long story short, i swopped my 08 plate W204 for a new w204 sport plus on monday evening. I planned this weekend to detail it. It has taken over 12 hours to do. Unfortunately, my camera battery needed charging. So there is no before or during shots. Not that a 180 mile old car can...
  13. clashcityrocker

    paint correction white w202

    i was looking for some advice couple of years ago i replaced my wings and had them sprayed and blended into the front doors recently noticed they are discolouring whats best for bringing the paint work back to its best
  14. C

    White Smoke from Engine

    Hi Guys I wonder if anyone on here can give me some advise I have a 1989 190 had the head redone but upon starting when the engine get hot it just release a lot of white smoke,switch off engine get cool no smoke as soon as the engine is up to temp smoke and thought please:wallbash: Thanks
  15. E

    Anyone recommend a good polish for calcite white

    Hi. Can anyone recommend a good polish to use on calcite white. Up to now I have always thought that polish was not required on the whites as they were opaque and did not shine compared to the darker colours. Please state cost and time involved to apply. Thanks
  16. poormansporsche

    d4 amg, white widebody sec spotted .....

    I've seen it a few times about and it was previously silver, its got potential but slightly ruined by 3 spoke wheels, m3 mirrors and wing vents Anyone know it ?
  17. G

    Spotted: White C63 coupe 12 plate - Hockley Heath

    Saw you pulling out of a junction heading towards Hockley Heath around 20:45 this evening. Quickly dropped my window down to hear you accelerate past the other way. White 12 plate C63 coupe with black wheels. If it's the car I think it is, I understand you live quite close to me and...
  18. S

    C63 AMG Coupe, 125 Edition, Dimond White with Optional Extras

    Hi all I have had my C63 AMG Coupe Edition 125 from brand new since the beginning of March 2012 and absolutely love it. The car is in showroom condition and very well looked after. The car comes with many optional extras including: > Diamond White Paint Colour > Matt Black Multi Spoke Wheels >...
  19. BenzedUP

    W204 White L.E.D's

    Hi, I have a spare set of brand new white W204 L.E.D (4) side lights. W204 uses 4 bulb in total for the parking/side lights. They are very high quality. £17 Inc 1st Class Recorded
  20. Jukie

    G-Wagen in white.

    mercedes g wagon 2874cc diesel 2002 | eBay
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