1. whitenemesis

    Advice on Wine Cabinets

    Not to store wine but to keep ready for serving. We tend to get a wine delivery every 4-6 weeks, 36-48 bottles mixed red, white and sparkling. The wine rests for a week to recover from shipping then we enjoy! Serving at the correct temperature has always been a bit hit 'n miss and a chore...
  2. R

    50 year old wine bottle opened with a feather

    I was in a restaurant yesterday, a party at one table, apparently they ordered a 50 year old bottle of wine, I was amazed how they open this bottle. I might add this was not my own table, but it was great entertainment, opened it with a feather, any one else seen this before?? there is more...
  3. merc85

    Red wine Argentina

    A friend of mine bought a bottle of Red Argentinian wine , on the Warning/contents labels on the back it pictures a Fly? lol Does anyone know what this means???:dk:
  4. Red C220

    How many bottles of wine can I........

    carry in an E220 CDI Auto estate without getting into trouble? I'm considering a booze run to Calais in the E and I've not done this before. The wholesaler in question will pay for my Eurotunnel ticket if I pre order £300+ of booze (which isn't a problem as I'm a drunkard!). I'm...
  5. E

    Wine Cooler

    Husky HN6 Reflections Slimline Countertop Wine Cooler £50 Pick up from Stourport on severn OR Astwood Bank
  6. Charles Morgan

    A good deal on some nice wine

    Not commercial from me, but my friend Tom Cannavan of Wine Pages (he's getting nothing out of it either) has put together a good case of Christmas wines from Berry Bros (a seriously good wine merchant), which with special discount and a £15 voucher for signing up to Berrys mailing list is...
  7. LTD

    Cooking with wine ?

    I know that the forum has a number of 'foodies' so it must have a reasonable amount of professional chefs or serious amateurs. Yesterday, I made a nice risotto as lunch for SWMBO and myself. Obviously, this involved opening a bottle of white wine. As I was driving later that day, I popped...

    Free wine. Whining noise

    Took the CL600 to the dealer to investigate a ????strange noise from the front of the vehicle, best way to describe it is the sound a toy car makes when in motion, a sort of whining noise. Noise increases/decreases with engine speed. noise is evident whether car in motion or static, in gear or...
  9. smillion

    Majestic wine, couldn't buy a single bottle gin ?

    Odd experience this evening. Popped in to Majestic for a bottle of Gordon's and some tonic and was told they don't do spirits by the single bottle as they have a "case"policy. I was however allowed to mix the gin with 5 bottles of wine to make a case of 6. Bizarre I thought. Anyway...
  10. Stig2082

    CLS passed family holiday test with flying colours (2,300 miles in 2 weeks)

    The test of the practicality of the CLS as a family car was always going to be put to the test in our annual summer hols trip into Europe. With roofbox on (necessary evil) we cruised across to France, then Italy and back. It racked up 2,300 miles in 2 weeks and it didn't miss a beat. It happily...
  11. W

    Wine recommendations

    It must be an age thing, as I remember as a teenager looking for the strongest alcoholic drink my money could buy. Times have changed though..... Can anyone recommend any wine which is less than 13%? (modern trends seem to be ever increasing in strength which is too high for my family's...
  12. The Boss

    w124 engine wine on start up (lasts 30 seconds) then fine

    any ideas what this is? only lasts 30 seconds from first start up, and then settles down. cheers yqQeQKywRyc
  13. zenman63

    Axle wine vito 120

    Hi, I am getting a wine from the axle at about 70-80, when you come off the power it is less. I will change the oil first to see if it helps, no leaks and all clean, just done 40k. Question is what oil and quantity?
  14. bouncer

    Red wine

    I'm having a spot of bother trying to find a supplier of Leaping horse Merlot in Lancashire. Can any body help ? sTeVe
  15. bh13coupe

    how to open a bottle of wine with a shoe

    Guys a bit of footage in case you need to open a bottle of wine and you dont have a cork screw How to open a wine bottle with a shoe. [VIDEO] I am sure abecketts has already tried this one :D
  16. Godot

    Like Wine ? Like Women ? Want to learn more about wine ?

    SFW, as they say..mainly about "new world" wines presented by a "new world" lady.. My Lords, Ladies & Gentlemen, I bring you: The Naked Wine Show :rock::bannana::):thumb:
  17. BaldGuy

    40% off Wine and Champagne Enjoy....
  18. F

    A good bottle of wine.

    Having read in a previous thread about starting a new thread about good value bottles of wine..... I thought I'd start one. My recommendation, based on this weekends research, is the Andrew Pearce label. While being forced to visit Asda the other evening and finding my previous favourite...
  19. suzy cute

    A bottle of wine

    A woman and a man are involved in a car accident on a snowy, cold Monday morning; it's a bad one. Both of their cars are totally demolished but amazingly neither of them are hurt. God works in mysterious ways.After they crawl out of their cars, the man is yelling about women drivers; the woman...
  20. carnut

    Tesco & Alcohol (wine!)

    Interesting timing considering the very recent debate on cheap booze but at the risk of being judged on my vinicutural tastes you may like to know Tesco are doing a 3 for 2 promo on wine; Some prices have gone up of course but if you look around the deals you may find a bargain (or 3) Just...
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