1. comports

    Mercedes Witham

    Hi Folks, My CLK is in MB Witham for some accident repairs (non fault) and fully paid up by the other drivers insurance so I thought it might as well have a service whilst it's in there. The normal cost for the A service plus air/fuel filter and brake fluid should be £495.00 and I asked...
  2. F

    Mercedes Lakeside / Witham

    Well what can I say! the most useless bunch I have come across. I bought my E55 from Lakeside, however after only 3 weeks of ownership a van driver decided he didnt want to be overtaken, and reshaped the panels on the passenger side. The car was already booked in for a return visit to Lakeside...
  3. J

    m/b bodyshop in witham

    Hi everyone, Just an enquiry,has anybody had cause to use the m,benz bodyshop in Witham, essex? This is now the eastern areas designated shop for warranty work and i was wondering if anyone has any reports about them,good or bad! w210 in for rust issues soon. (no suprise there eh!)...
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