2019 E53 Accelerating after throttle released.

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You guys are going to think I'm taking the piss, but my 2002 CLK 240 did that for years.

Couple months back I happend to do brakes and wash the old grease from the front wheel bearings.

One side reluctor ring was very gunked up with grease and dirt. The other side spotless.

Cleaned everything, new grease and all tightened up. No longer fights the brakes nor accelerate by itself.

Could be a defective reluctor ring that's not bad enough to throw an ABS/ESP fault yet...
Hi TurboBen:

Any updates on your problem.

Yes, I've been meaning to post for a while but Christmas has kept me busy.

About a week after my last post, I got a call from the service manager. His tone was very different as he admitted AMG had seen unexpected data from the hydraulic control unit for the gearbox. He agreed it would be replaced under warranty, but that he didn't think it was the cause of my issue. Another week or so went by and the car was ready to collect.

Maybe it's just because of the experience I had and the lack of trust I have in them, but it all seemed a bit off when I went to collect the car. The paperwork I was given did not mention at all the work that was (allegedly) carried out on the car. I had to ask for it. When I started the car and tried to pull away it fealt like the rear brakes had seized, as if the car hadn't been moved in weeks. The car has gone a week without use several times before and I've never had the brakes seize.

The problem with accelerating after changing gear seems much better. I think it's still doing it a little, but nowhere near as bad and much less frequent. I don't use the car often (I don't have a commute and use the car much less in the winter months) so it's to be seen if the problem will reappear over time, but for now it seems OK.

All in all it was an enfuriating experience. All the excuses and gaslighting and turns out there was a problem. If I hadn't put my foot down and insisted it wouldn't have even been looked at as a fault. I haven't received any sort of apology. I wasn't expecting one, but would have been nice considering the circumstances. I hope I never have to deal with them again, and, as they are the only local dealership, that means a new CLE is now off the table.
Going to be helpful and not helpful at the same time. I've had exactly the same issue with a 19 plate C63 that had a 9G tronic gearbox. Unfortunately I didn't report it so I can't advise you on best course of action. Now I am in a PFL C63s with a 7G tronic gearbox, I have no such problem at all.

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