Alloy Wheel Refurbishment – Portsmouth/Waterlooville area.

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No railway carriage icecream shop now....or during the 20 years I've been here. Still lots of houses built around carriages fact I can see one from where I'm typing this!....just about.....though the wind and torrential rain!
True.....but Bognor is the postal town and most people would not know where Pagham is.
I know where it is as I stay at the caravan park when I attend Goodwood revival. 😉
Church Farm?
What's the going rate for a wheel refurb these days? I need to replace x2 front turbine style for C43 19''. Currently looking for second hand and prices for refurbed seem around £200 more than non refurbed. Most of the non refurbed require welding of hairline cracks to inner rim edge. (Cracking seems super common, caused by the run flats I believe). However if refurb + welding is under £200 per wheel I'd be better off getting them refurbed myself. Trying to keep costs down as need to spend money elsewhere repairing the car - at least short term

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