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Don't be so silly. We're grown adults on here.

Oww, go on then :D
Can I be Miss Sunshine? Please? Pretty Please?

It was a tough one between Miss Giggle or this....or anyone have any other suggestions...?

They didn't do "Little Miss Blonde" :D:D:D:D:D
I can't b bothered to pig around with that in Paint, trying to reduce something from 118*147 pixels to something less than 100. I would if I had my usual tools!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(
Wallingd, I chose one and just saved it to my computer and then uploaded it....it took it right away!
How are you going to live this one down Mr Walker:p
Same as I do everything else, if it aint bothering me I just let it ride . :) Nice to see people joining in though. Just a little fun. I had thought of characters on the forum and who should represent them but thought better of it. Don't want to get banned just yet. :rolleyes:
That's probably because yours is 100*100 or less Jade. I will have another go.

Edit: bingo :D! Now I feel like 1 of u lot - lol!
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I went for Little Miss Naughty - was that or Little Miss Trouble :devil:

Oh, believe me, I feel like it at the moment. I've had a s+%t day, been at work for f£*$*$g hours, investigating utter nonsense with not a bl"$*$y genuine victim in sight and more c$%p tomorrow.

Now, where's the Mr. Happy avatar? :D

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