Bit of a desk clearout

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Apr 23, 2003
Bexhill, East sussex
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I've decided I needed to clear out some space from under my desk so I've got a few bits of photographic/computer gear up for grabs.

Reefmaster Sealife waterproof camera case

Totally waterproof, dustproof pretty much indestructible carrycase. Heavy duty plastic case which is incredibly strong. Waterproof down to 50 metres with airlock and rubber seals. Will hold a DSLR or compact.

pic here

Also included if you want it is a 35mm reefmaster camera in it's own waterproof armoured casing. I can't find the rangefinder or the shutter release lever so this is just being thrown in - both of these are easy to get hold of spares if the idea of cheap underwater film photography appeals - £20 including UK postage

Metz Mecablitz 45CT3 flash gun

Hammerhead flash with PC cable and wide angle adaptor. No mounting bracket - missing presumed lost but they are easy enough to find on eBay. Guide number of 45 - very powerful flash unit inc Full working order in good used condition with AA battery holder. - £38 including UK postage (pic on request).

A couple of card readers both made by Dazzle

- one is the DM -23300 (I think) and reads SD/MMC cards brand new in damaged packet - was bought for our son by a thoughtful relative but his camera uses XD cards

- the other is DM-23400 (I think) and as far as I can tell (none of our cards fit it) for Smart Media although I could be wrong - brand new with driver disk but no packet - was bought by the same thoughtful relative for me who was trying to disguise the package - £5 each including UK postage. (pics on request)

Shutter releases, modem and graphics tablet now sold

Paypal preferred.


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