Bluetooth stream W213 E220d problems Audio 50

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Sep 16, 2015
S212 E350 CDI; W213 E220d

ever since new the Audio 50 on my 2017 W213 has had problems with streaming via BT.
There are absolutely no problems with the phone operations.

I mostly use an iPhone 6 or 6SE, but the same problems happen with any other Android that I might pair with it.
here are the symptoms:

- when starting the car the phone function is ready within the next 5 to 10 seconds (android or iPhone)
- I mostly stream music from the phone to the car via Bluetooth.
- the symptoms are intermittent, which means all these different things can happen

- Audio 50 tries to connect to the phone to stream but nothing happens, the car cannot find the phone to do that even though the phone is available for calls

- Audio 50 finds the phone and displays the usual streaming screen, but with no information about the song whatsoever. No sound can be heard, and no other functions can be selected to advance to next song or back, nada

- Audio 50 discovers the phone and shows the song title, but no sound. Also no other functions are available like advance or restart the song

- Audio 50 displays all as normal and song starts for a fraction of a second then stops and behaves like previous point.

- All works fine

There might be also other scenarios, but perhaps less often so I don’t remember them now….
All these can happen at start of the vehicle. What I do to overcome any of the above is to turn the head unit off and back on. At a restart any of the above can happen. I usually have to restart the unit 4 to 5 times for all streaming function to become available.

What else have I tried:
- Took the car to dealer 3 times because of this with no fix
- At all times they said that the head unit had its software updates and that the problem should have been fixed, but nothing.

Anyone else with this problem?

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