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Aug 7, 2003
Have closed their Hertford showroom.

They now only offer a mobile service

humm, seems a strange move to make, they must need a workshop or simular for leather/custom work and all the other bits that go with it?
I guess keeping a showroom open is very expensive but might not bring in much income, especially with everyone buying over the web now.
its all about all about perception my man!!!!

Braybrooks gave off the impression of top end quality work at a hefty price - get what you pay for etc....

now? plenty of these fit at your house for £40 cowboys in the yellow pages...
they restructured about a month ago to focus on trade customers ie fitting at dealer showrooms like so many of their competitors. the showroom was purely for retail customers. I dont know about their need for a workshop though.
One of the blokes at work said this was happening about a month ago.I told him to shut up and not be so stupid :eek: how daft do I feel now
I think they are too expensive.

Working at dealership may be a great move for them, they will save cost.
bigtruth said:
I think they are too expensive.

Working at dealership may be a great move for them, they will save cost.

The trouble with working at dealerships is travel!! Travelling takes time and time is money that they will have to pass on. Surely they are now restricting their trade to dealerships within a set distance of their natural base, or are they going to train employee's to cover dealerships nationwide?


Mercedes benz are offering after market comand units to customers for around £2000 on second hand cars and they are brand new units (well they are at Manchester), so baybrooks have the right idea get the customer to get the upgrade while buying the second hand car,have it fitted before you pick it up a very good service i think when they see how many people want comand and try to Mod it after buying

also one of the biggest cost to a business part from wages is the building you operate from so rent a corner of the Merc dealers, and be moble as well
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Having seen Braybrooks, I can't imagine the rent would have been that much, but maybe they are redeveloping anyway (it is (was) right by the train station).

Glad they worked on my car while they were still there!

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