C180 Kompressor - faults

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Dec 28, 2022
Melton Mowbray
E-class 350d

On my petrol 2006 C180 Compressor with 75K miles that has some issues with the automatic gearbox (sometimes does not change into higher gears) I used an OBD reader and found these errors :
P203a - reductant level sensor "A" circuit
P205a - reductant tank temperature sensor "A" circuit
C3202 - manifold absolute pressure / barometric pressure circuit high input

From my research the P203a & P205a are in connection with the AdBlue system that exists only on Diesels so I really don't understand why they show up on a Petrol....unless all description on internet for these errors are wrong.
The C3202 looks like its the only one that makes sense....to my understanding its something that actually controls the change of gears from lower to higher.
Does anyone know if this is accurate and where I can find this sensor....thinking that if I change it then my gearbox will work normally again.

Thank you:)
Has the car ever had a transmission fluid change to your knowledge?

I would find an independent Mercedes specialist and have the fault codes read and the ATF level checked.
An indy should have the Mercedes STAR diagnosis equipment which is more accurate than a generic code reader.
You may well find its just low on ATF and needs a top up, but as mentioned if the ATF hasn't been changed, I'd get that done.

Don't go throwing parts at it in the hope you will fix it. Get a proper diagnosis first.

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