C250 cdi speedo dash colour changing?

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Sep 7, 2023
2013, 250 cdi amg saloon
Hi guys. So today just driving along as normal and noticed that one side of speedo background colour had gone from background black to light grey in colour. Just a small wedge shape in grey on left hand side about 9 o'clock in clockface.
15mins later exact same on right hand side @ 3pm on clock.
Left csr for couple hours and it now also has a thicker band across bottom. I have attached pic of what trying to explain. All car working perfect. Any ideas how to reset this issue.
Was thinking taking battery off for 30 mins or so to try take away residual current. Or is it start of cluster failure.
Thanks very much for any help/ info. Jazzy


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Is that the lane departure alert lines??
Hi buddy. No there was nothing there this morning. Deffo looks like them though. Was no grey this morning, then 1 grey line on left. 15 mins later grey line on right appeared. Shit car off for 2 hours. Started again and grey band on bottom was there. 🤷‍♂️.
Thanks jazz

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