My new SLS

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The Linn systems fitted to the Aston's is rather good too.

However, the acoustics of a car are crap - and that's before you add passengers.
The Naim system in the Bentley is very very good but I still reckon the best sounding in car hifi is the Meridian system in the Jaguar XJ (and probably new Range Rover too but not heard it in that yet).

Interesting how the article mentions the need to cater for younger generations like of 'thumping bass and crushingly repetitive songs'. Erm....yep, that'll probably be me then and it's good to see Bentley have consciously catered for this and disappointing AMG haven't (although B&O in the new SL is much, much better).

A couple of weeks in and I'm reconsidering whether my original statement of it now being the best audio I've heard still stands. I'll maintain that it's now very good but its just not, well, £5k's (+£1k's to fix it) worth and its bloody close between this, the XKR's Bowers and Wilkins (strangely JLR have totally moved away from this collaboration) and the BMW Individual system I had in my first e92 M3.
Great info!
The B&O in my S5 was excellent. Good thing really given how much time I spent sat in it waiting for the rescue service.

It was very bass heavy, and good midrange for old school UK Garage, which meant despite Audi's legendary build quality on the interior front, the RVM would still vibrate like a good 'un.

Took me back to my 6X9s in my late 90s Fiesta!

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