CLA250e 2 Years in

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Oct 16, 2023
So I’ve owned the CLA250e premium plus night edition for a few years now. Overall the car has been great, other than a few niggles in Covid when some of the spec was removed such as AR sat nav, wireless charging and convenience boot release. Must admit the AR really peed me off but I’m over it..

I have a few questions, recuperation isn’t fantastic, over the last few weeks I’ve been ferrying the daughter to Uni and took the liberty to test how it would generate electric over the different modes, all shocking other than sport mode and that even isn’t great. At best over a 100 mile round trip I’m lucky to get 10%, how’s everyone else’s doing ?

And I’ve noticed a glitch with the MBUX, if your battery is low and you go unit the mode the system flicks on the screen until you stop and fully restart the car ! Anyone else had that issue also ?

Thanks in advance all !

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