CLK 320 with AMG Styling

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Lovey colour on the CLK and a very well specced example too.
All that needs is comand and it's got practically all the toys! :)
Looks like a nice one. Great spec as well which is always a bonus.

Wonder how much rust it's got though?!? :eek:

.........but without the diesel option. :mad:
W202s are just as bad.

W210s seem to be the worst for rust however :(

My cab wasn't ....

You were quite lucky, yours was a clean one :)

A lot of them, even quite a bit newer than yours suffer rust - wheel arches, boot lid (around the lock, the number plate surround etc), wings etc.

Hopefully the new one won't have any when i go to look at it either .... ;)
Fingers crossed! ;)

You have PM Will ...

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