Cls wheels compatibility

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Click on any of the wheels in the following link and check the ET.
The wheels you currently have with ET28 and ET18 are the correct ones for a CLS. The spacers you have are just pushing the correct wheels out further.
Mercedes CLS Class Coupe Alloys (C219) - Alloy Wheels Direct

The alloys you see with ET48 and 58 are not designed for the W219 CLS whatever the seller says.

These wheels are actually from a cls that is being broken to parts. This is what os confusing me.
my 18 " mb wheels are 28 and 33 if it helps. 48 and 58 although fit are probs not the correct wheels for the car.

have a browse at the sizes on here after you input your cars details.

Wheelbase Alloy Wheels & Tyres
Which do you have ? Someone was selling AMG III here with the correct offset (25mm Front, 28 Rear).

As Don has rightly pointed out, these ARE the correct offsets for the CLS W219 55 AMG on 19" wheels as per OEM. They have that offset to clear the brake calipers.

So if you look for a set from a CLS 55 you should be fine.
Si i found some wheels on ebay.

Front ET28 tyres 245/49 R18
Rear ET25 tyres 275/35 R18

Should they fit?

These are from 2008 cls320cdi

Original mb ones.

£450 including shipping (incl. tyres)

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